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Growing Old Gracefully
 by Frank Shortt
Some folks say that growing old is just a state of mind. I have learned a few things in my time while growing old, especially about how to make two lives rhyme. I will attempt to put these important things down for future generations.

A couple, growing old together, should realize that life is a beautiful thing. As each are willing to give and take, life takes on a different meaning. As they reflect on their days of struggle to make ends meet, they were both young and energetic. She thought he was the most handsome man she had ever met. He thought she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever met! Then as life's challenges emerged, one began pulling one way, the other pulled another way. Their emotions flowed out like water down a downspout. Love slowly dwindled out, or was it love to begin with? Or, was it only emotion? Then like an old song that had been sung, over and over, they forgot to express their love, one to the other.

As married couples grow old, they should remember the things they held in common. There were their children, grown now. There was that old jalopy that threatened to fall apart at any time, but somehow got them where they wanted to go. They should try to make the best of what years they have left instead of bickering about trivial things. They should try to remember, that after they are gone, everything they have worked for will probably crumble into dust as their children pursue other interests not related to their own.

Take time to show a little affection! Take a different direction! Do something new at least once a week! Do some traveling together, getting out of the old humdrum environment. Don't be like some couples who act as if their love is bereft! Some people grow old before their time. Never looking to the left or right to see the beauty all around them. It has been said many times, by many poets, "Take time to stop and smell the roses!" What is your hurry? Is the grave so pending that you can't wait to crawl into it?

To share love to the core, a couple should observe the skies of blue. Growing old together is the time to enjoy all your labors. It is a time to reflect on all the wonderful things that you have shared throughout your lives. Why be like couples who have no clue? As a man grows older, his ears do not hear everything that is said. This is sometimes a blessing. His eyes do not see like in his younger days. This can be a blessing also as he observes the wife of his youth. He does not see her as growing old, but his dimming sight sees her as she was when he first met her. This all depends, of course, on whether she has a good attitude and returns his affection! A life together is a work in progress until death do you part!

Why try to have one-upmanship? Why fight? Why skirmish? This is the cause of a lot of the diseases of those who are growing old! When we are wed we promise, "Until death do we part!" If your word is any good, you will honor it! So why do marriages not last? There is no sticktuitiveness anymore. Devotion has vanished! When a couple marries in our modern society, it is with the intention of getting as much out of the marriage that will only benefit themselves. This will not work! Growing old together requires lots of love, lots of devotion, and a heaping amount of give and take!