Government Unrest
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 by Laramie Boyd
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        I wonder which of the following are contributing the most to the anxiety in, and dissatisfaction of, our government, and to the downward spiral of the confidence in America in maintaining its status as a place where people immigrate to, not emigrate from.
- Government spying on its citizens and leaders of friendly nations.
- The outrageous price of gasoline that we have no choice but to pay for.
- The huge number of prisoners arbitrarily released from prison before their term is up.
- Lawmakers that are not required to follow the same laws that they pass for other citizens.
- Lobbyists who pay money and give perks to Congress so they will vote for certain agendas.
- Lavish expense accounts for Congressmen and wives of some presidents.
- Billions of dollars of foreign aid to countries not friendly to the United States.
- Forcing organizations to hire workers just because they are members of a minority rather than being qualified for the job.
- Allowing the sale of assault weapons.
- The initiating of Obamacare, while not knowing how to set it up or how it works or what the consequences of the program are.
- Giving illegal immigrants citizenship rights, licenses to drive, welfare, and other advantages that some legal citizens don't even qualify for.
- Allowing two men or two women to go through a ceremony and say they are married.
- Allowing arbitrary abortions.
- The government spending money they don't have, then borrowing more to spend.
- Relying on other countries for oil rather than using our own resources.
- Disagreement on existence, causes and effects of global warming.
- Raising taxes rather than cutting unnecessary government expenditures.
- Citizens who are able to work but instead opt for long term welfare programs.
- Keeping churches and American Indian businesses eligible as tax free operations.
- Allowing millions of dollars, including write-offs, in salary for CEO's of large corporations with government bailout money.
And so many more it's mind boggling.