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 by Laramie Boyd
Goodbye America, Hello OZ
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     I was disturbed and befuddled by the Democratic presidential candidate debate on TV the other night. Not just the number of seekers to the highest office in the land, but rather to the content of some of the messages of the speakers. At tines I thought I was dreaming, or in the middle of a nightmare, I didn't know which. I felt I had to write down, in capsule form, what I believe I heard, or what I thought I heard, or maybe didn't. I still have a hard time reviewing it in my mind. But this is the gist of what happened.
And I am not making any of this up. Try to grasp the ramifications.
     By one or another of the speakers, the following programs were proposed if the candidate was successful in 2020. I will include suggested costs of the appropriate program.
     - Free health care for all. Including current illegal immigrants. $32 trillion
     - Decriminalize anyone crossing U.S. borders. Look out, here they come. 
     - Free college tuition. $2.2 trillion. One program offered suggested that going to college, or not, should not affect potential lifetime earnings
     - Guaranteed jobs for everyone ???
     - $1000/month payments to everyone over the age of 18. $20 to $40 trillion
     - Cancel all college student debts. $1.6 trillion
     - Free child care. $700 billion
     - Climate change programs. $1.7 to $9 trillion
     Are these what was meant by the American Dream? Will the United States become some kind of lollipop land? As the debates moved along, I kept wondering when some candidate would offer free homes, free cars, free rent, free Visa cards, free Country Club membership, free cruises, free plane tickets to anywhere. Desperation for votes makes strange bedfellows I guess.
     I recall back how my life developed, as did the lives of most other citizens, in one way or another. I paid for my school tuition with loans, which were paid back. I paid on mortgages. I got jobs that started with subsistent wages that increased as my value to the employer went up. I paid into my retirement benefits. I paid into my health care plans. Any babysitting I paid for. The government was not "on my back" as Ronald Reagan suggested.
     I'm going to continue mulling over what I heard on that debate. Could it be true? Am I missing some hidden issue or meaning out of all of this? Are these ideas how most democrats in this country feel about how America can become a better place to raise a family, or even remain as it is? Is just "being" enough to deserve the things that once required a little ambition and hard work. Do we want Big brother fulfilling our every need with no "earning" involved? Did I really hear what I think I did? If true may God have mercy on us all. I suggest that anyone agreeing with the over-the-top liberal theme of the 2019 Democratic Debate will deserve what they get if these programs become the law of the land.