Give me prudence!
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        The Cruger “Significant Imperative Crucial Kinetic” survey (“S.I.C.K.”) recently asked the question, “If the election were held tomorrow for whom would you vote?”
        The results were: 20% would vote for Obama. 20% would vote for McCain. The remaining 60% answered, “What the hell’s the difference. I’m sick of this whole thing. It’s all B.S anyway!”
        This survey proves what I’ve been saying these past few months. The majority of Americans are sick and tired of the daftness of the current presidential election campaign.
        Both candidates have promised not to raise taxes (at least not for most Americans). Well, maybe just a few. Both candidates talk of curing the country’s financial ills. Both candidates are yelling and wagging their fingers “shame, shame,” at the Wall Street and banking guys. Both candidates are promising that if elected they will clean up Washington as well as Wall Street. One candidate claims that the other presidential candidate hasn’t got the experience needed to run the country. The other candidate claims that the other vice presidential candidate hasn’t got the experience needed to be either vice president or (God forbid!) President. One candidate says that the other has been around Washington for nearly three decades and hasn’t accomplished a great deal. The other claims that his opponent hasn’t been in Washington long enough to even know what a great deal is.
        One Vice Presidential candidate has been around Washington most of his life. The other would need directions to find the White House.
        Our roads and bridges are falling apart. Both would repair them without raising taxes. Our school system needs repair as much as our roads. Both will fix our schools, but not raise our taxes (at least for most of us!). Our government in Washington is bailing out failing financial institutions at a rate akin to what happened during the Great Depression. Eighty five billion here, a hundred billion there, fifty billion over there – and they’re not done yet. Our government is shoring up our banks and lending institutions with large infusions of cash. The outpouring of cash and guarantees is unprecedented and yet nobody plans on raising our taxes (at least for most of us!).
        Our government in Washington must have a secret supply of gold ingots someplace that they’ll use to pay for all these things. Either that, or they’ve been overcharging us citizens on our income tax and building up a large rainy-day reserve.
        As the 60% on my survey responded, they’re getting sick and tired of listening to the Herculean promises being offered by the candidates. Aside from loyal, dedicated, hard-core, implacable Democrats and Republicans, the American public is unsure of for whom to vote.
        Wouldn’t it be nice if one (or better yet, both!) candidates stopped the immediate, knee jerk response to every happening in the country and the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if they treated Americans as though we had brains and they stopped acting like hyper children, trying to prove to their parents that they’re good little boys and girls.
        Americans want prudence. We want mature men and women who level with us. Who understand that we can tell the difference between B.S. and prudence, good judgment and common sense. Americans aren’t looking for miracle workers, omnipotence and preternatural representatives in Washington. We want a President and a vice President with people skills, with judgmental skills and prudence. We also want to be leveled with.
        We know that if you, Mr. Obama and you, Mr. McCain, are elected you will not be able to fix all our problems. We do ask that you exercise prudence and intelligence in your efforts to fix these problems.
        Don’t B.S. us. When you are elected hire the smartest people around to help you. Tackle with intelligence and prudence our national problems of health care, energy, our roads, our bridges, our schools. Realistically begin curing our national sickness in housing and lending. Take your time and do it right. Learn from other’s mistakes.
        Don’t kid us. We all know that somebody is going to have to pay for all the things our government is doing lately. One way or another we Americans will be paying for the billions Washington is spending.
        Just to put it into perspective. If I was to borrow a billion dollars today and I paid back the loan at one dollar per second of every day, it would take me over 31 years to repay the loan. If I borrowed a trillion dollars and repaid the loan a dollar a second it would take me 32,000 years.
        Our national debt is now approaching ten billion dollars and rising at the rate of almost two billion dollars a day. Our great grandchildren had better be prepared to help pay off our debts.
        And so, my dear candidates for President and Vice President. How about cutting out the B.S. and the histrionics and get to work on the prudent and realistic solutions to our nation’s problems. Trust us, we know the difference between prudence and B.S.
        Oh, yes, the Cruger “S.I.C.K.” survey. It was composed of my wife, a retired couple at Trader Joe’s, one of my neighbors and the trash man.
        All five smart Americans.