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            It started when President Obama first began talking about an all -encompassing bill – one that would tackle most of America’s health care problems. Republicans and even some Democrats reacted energetically and with passion. The common ground for the opposition was that “government shouldn’t be involved with our doctors, our prescriptions, out treatments.”
          The rumbling about President Obama and a comprehensive health care bill grew to deafening proportions. The conservatives among us yelled “Socialist, Communist, Liberal.”
          People talked about the rapid demise of the country. “America is going to hell in a hand basket.”
          The feeling was that the government had no right to stick its long nose into our private medical business. The bitterness about President Obama spread from one end of the country to the other. “What right does he have to get involved in our private, medical business? Why he’s just a Socialist!”
          Starting in 2007 and worsening in 2008, our country fell into a wide spread recession. The former president, in an attempt to correct the situation, began to rescue our banks and giant financial institutions from possible bankruptcies and closings. The government poured money into rescue plans.
          As the financial situation deteriorated the newly elected President Obama, acting on advice from both Democrats and Republicans, took billions of dollars to rescue some of the world’s largest corporations, including some of America’s foremost banking institutions and car makers.
          The accusations and the kvetching from Conservatives and Liberals were deafening. “Why take our tax money to save these firms, let ‘em fail.” An uproar continued about the government becoming enmeshed in the business of our auto makers and financial institutions. The moaning and grumbling amongst portions of the citizenry became a roar.
          “The government is stickin’ its nose into everything. First it’s in our health care, now it’s in our businesses. This Obama guy is driving us to Socialism for sure.”
          But, something is happening in our country. You can hear it where people gather, where friends talk, in homes, in medical waiting rooms, in banks.
          You hear people talking about the millions of dollars in bonuses that the “masters of the world” on Wall Street are pulling down. You hear people talking about the almost unmentionable profits on Wall Street. The very banks and investment houses that a few months ago were headed for the junk pile are now recording choking profits. Officers and workers in these firms are being awarded millions in bonuses only a few short months after the government bailed them out, helping them to avoid bankruptcy.
          And from our great land comes the loud voices of millions urging the government to step in and establish legislation, making it unlawful for the staff and management of these rich beyond rich firms to be given these outlandish monetary awards.
           Now there is a clamor for the government to move in and create laws to forbid these exorbitant salaries and bonuses. The citizenry wants their government to stick its nose into the business of businesses.
          Just as the clamor about the proposed health care system reached a crescendo something happened. Millions of us were notified about raises in our medical insurance costs. Increases of 20% to 40% were not unusual. People who could least afford a raise in their monthly insurance rates were bounced from $450.00 a month to $695.00 a month. Others found their insurance cancelled due to their pre-existing condition. All around the country the talk continues to be about the escalating monthly costs of medical insurance.
          And now we have the same citizens who were, a few months ago, complaining about the proposed health care bill and “Obama’s Folly” now wanting the government to step in and stop the sky-rocking increase in their medical insurance premiums.
          Millions of good and formerly emphatic Americans are changing from ready and willing to remove President Obama from office and replacing the entire assemblage of Congress to pleading for relief from their rapidly rising medical bills. Many of the same Americans, plus others, are urging President Obama and Congress to come down hard on these financial institutions and regulate what they can be paid in salary and bonuses.
          So, from bellowing and screeching “hands off” we have millions of America’s villagers beseeching their government to step in and protect them from increased costs -direct and indirect.
          Americans are now beginning to realize that the health care companies nor the finance industry will self-regulate. There is only one place, like it or not, that can offer a solution – and that is the government. Get used to it.
          We now permute from a firm and passionate “government -hands off” polemic to one of a more personal and selfish nature. Americans, in growing numbers want relief from any strains on their pocketbooks. Evidently that takes precedence over their ideological principles.
          As my old grandmother used to say, “Money wins.”
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