Fulfilling my life's desires (It's never too late!)
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Carl Golod
My Surrogate Brother
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My Chevy Memories
       Now that I am a senior citizen I realize what a wonderland of
knowledge I have accumulated over the years. The experiences, good or bad, the talents I have developed and the memories all add up to making me who I am.
       Many of us wish we could go back and change things, perhaps do the things we didn’t get to do when we were younger, be someone else, and even live a different life.
       If we just take all that has happened in our past, draw off it and put it to use as we move forward, how exciting that will be.
       There really is no too old, there is only what wonderful experiences lie around the corner waiting for us to discover. We need to look forward in a positive way that allows us to have a second, or even a third lifetime. 
A lifetime is no measure of time, just what you want to make it. Want to go to college, be an artist, be a writer, be a glassblower, or be anything you can imagine, do it! 
       What holds us back are the mores we grew up telling us what we should conform to.
The soothsayers tell us to relax and enjoy our “Golden Years”
What? Shouldn’t our golden years be exciting and eventful each day?
       The finality of the saying, “growing old is not for sissies” can make us
wait for all the supposed things that we will go through as older citizens. 
Balderdash! My plans are to wake up, gaze out the window, and look forward to a wonderful day. 
       I am reminded of the story of two men at work one morning, looking out of the window. One says, “It is horrible out there, overcast, grey, and rainy”. The other man says, “I am alive feel wonderful, and looking forward to a great day” 
Life is in the eyes of the beholder, and ultimately what we make it.
       When I was young, I wanted to be an artist and writer. Growing up I was held back by my own feelings that I wasn’t good enough. That coupled with my parents and friends telling me art and writing was a hard non rewarding vocation kept me from pursuing what I truly wanted to do.
       Guess what? I am finally realizing that the world is mine, and I can do anything I want to. It doesn’t have to be earth shaking, or the pinnacle of greatness I expected when I was younger, it just has to satisfy me.
       Will I be Norman Rockwell, or Ernest Hemingway, most likely not, but will I be happy that I am doing something I love, you bet I will.
       There are times we all get down thinking of all the problems we face with age, but I am confident that we are our own worst enemies.
       What a wonderful elation each day can be if we just let ourselves reach out for a new challenge, step over any problems and just enjoy 
the day.
       There are those people who say this is wishful thinking. I am sure that each one of us who truly takes each day and makes it the best it can be has a fullness of life that can only be experienced when nothing is too much to attempt.
       Arthur-it is, room-a-tis-um, back-aks, sore what-u-ma-call-its, all
are the contributing factors to I can’t. The oldest saying I remember learning comes to mind, “can’t couldn’t do anything”
       Am I a pie in the sky thinker, Nah! I am just a man who feels that life isn’t over until it’s over, and I am not lying down until I have at least fulfilled all my desires from not only now, but many years ago. I am a realist who knows we are capable of being the best we have ever been. Care to join me?
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