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For Whom to Vote?
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        The dilemma facing millions of registered voters today (and tomorrow and the day after) is “Who can I vote for?”
        What’s heard following that question is, “I can’t vote for that Trump and I refuse to vote for that woman.”
        Following that disclaimer comes, “I guess I’m not going to vote this year.”
        If ever there was a spot for a third party candidate, this election is it.
        Donald J. Trump has pretty much removed himself from millions of ballots come November. His mannerisms combined with seriously zany and crackbrained statements and observations have caused former Trump fans to jog off the Trump sphere in great haste. One-time Trump fans have bailed on the Trumpster although a sizeable number remain loyal to the real estate mogul and his quest for the presidency amid his batty statements.
        Trump has defied most of the rules for becoming president of our nation. He has also insulted not only his opposition party, the Democrats, but he has caused a rift between himself, his frustrated remaining followers and his own political congregation– what’s left of the Republican Party.
        His latest self-destruction was the shocking attack on the Gold Star Family. We must question Trump’s rampant lack of basic decency besides even a modicum of empathy for a family still pained and distraught over the loss of a loved one who died defending our country. Trump’s country.
        The fall-off in Trump’s polling numbers gives me some sense of justification and faith in our electorate. The man’s polling numbers are beginning to fall off the table, as well they should, considering his narcissistic and buffoon-like behavior. His refusal to offer endorsement to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are more of his childish and stubborn inactions leaving more wounded Republicans in the Trump wake.
        Talk grows in Washington and around this nation questioning Trump’s psychological make up, indeed, his sanity and his ability to clearly lead not only his political party, but the entire nation.
        It would be interesting to see what a Donald J. Trump would do if he had a political opponent who acted like himself . I fear the results would not be pretty. But there is nothing pretty happening as things are. We live in interesting times featuring the single looniest, most dangerous, startling, peculiar and strangest election time in our nations’ history.