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 by Jon Burras
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     How often these days are we told that we will all need to do our part during the Covid-19 pandemic for the "Greater Good" of society? We are reminded daily that we must act as "one" in order to move through this difficult time. This usually has come to mean to get vaccinated, wear a mask, maintain "social distancing", avoid large crowds, wash your hands frequently and stay home to self-quarantine if you are not feeling well. While this is well and fine on paper there are some glaring omissions that we are not looking at.

     1. America is a country that prides itself on individualism. Unlike many Asian countries that practice "group think", Americans have always been encouraged to be unique and different. Free thinking and self-expression are keys to American culture. "The Greater Good" is not something that Americans like or will tolerate. We do not wish to think and act collectively. It is against our very nature.

     2. I am not responsible for your health issues. If people would take care of themselves they would less likely be stricken with horrible diseases. We have seen that most of the people who have died from Covid-19 were those who had themselves created pre-existing health conditions. This includes heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other maladies. These are all preventable with the right diet, exercise, cleansing and other structures.

    Most often, people do not get sick. Instead, they have a sick lifestyle that enables their body to fall apart. It is not my job or anyone else's job to prevent you from contracting Covid-19, malaria, flu or measles. If you did your job to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle you would most likely not get these diseases and if you did there would be a greater chance of surviving them. Don't ask me to go out of my way because you have failed at your most important job—keeping your own body healthy.

    3. Who gets to decide what the truth is anyways? Currently a handful of elected and non-elected officials are preaching to the rest of us about what "truth" is. They say that it is for the "Greater Good" that we bow down to their message without questioning their policies or agenda.

     When was it okay in America where dissent was crushed like we have seen these last two years? All dissenting evidence is ignored, vilified or suppressed first by government, then by the media and quickly followed by social media. This reminds me of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) where dictator Francisco Franco united with the Catholic Church to suppress others like communists, liberals and progressives in the name of nationalism. We are told daily that it is for our "Greater Good" that "disinformation" be squashed because only one mindset has the "truth."

      As we come to witness more vaccine passports, more mandatory mask wearing and more mandatory vaccines, I am reminded of the time in history where we witnessed the "Greater Good" run amuck. For instance, Adolph Hitler exterminated over 7 million Jews. It was considered a "Greater Good" for the Arian white society as Jews were considered to be of dirty blood and this would keep the Arian race pure. Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union used the "Greater Good" concept to kills millions of his own people.

     It was for the "Greater Good" that the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan to end WWII.  Over 120,000 people died instantly and many thousands more died later on from burns and cancer after these two bombs were dropped. This saved America from having to invade Japan itself where thousands of US soldiers would have died. The "Greater Good" was accomplished with the drop of a bomb.

    It was also for the "Greater Good" that the United States of America imprisoned over 120,000 United States citizens of Japanese dissent at the start of WWII. These were American citizens who could all have been potential spies for Japan. Most lost their homes, jobs, cars and all of their belongings. This repressive action was considered the safest thing to do for the "Greater Good" of society.

   In the middle of the 19th Century it was considered to be for the "Greater Good" that the United States Army relocate thousands of Native Americans from their homeland to distant reservations. These forced marches of hundreds of miles killed many Native  Americans. Now the U.S. government could keep track of all the Native Americans as they were corralled onto reservation land. It was for the "Greater Good."

     The organization "Planned Parenthood" has placed at least 86% of its abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods. This is a practice implemented by its founder, Margaret Sanger, who was a leader in the Eugenics movement of "weeding out the population" of underperforming groups. According to this philosophy, it is for the "Greater Good" to eliminate people who cannot take care of themselves. People of "higher stock" and survivability were favored over those who had less chance of survival during times of world crisis (like a famine).

     The "Greater Good" is a term that has been used for hundreds of years to undermine free speech, to instill fear and totalitarianism. We have seen over and over how this attitude is used to dominate and suppress people who are not of the privileged class or who do not support a certain set of values.

     I am not responsible for your health issues and you are not responsible for mine. We are not all in this together. Somehow we are being coerced into believing that health is a communal issue. It is not. No doctor, politician. business owner or newspaper editor is responsible for your health. You are. Fascist group think has been spreading faster than any pandemic ever could. This might sound like Communist China, Russia or Cuba where a totalitarian government controls the media and all narratives. Think again. This is happening widespread the United States of America that once proudly claimed democracy as one of its virtues.

     In essence, the unconscious mind will seek out external formulas to attempt to cover up its internal conflicts. For instance, people in a state of fear will project that fear outward and develop fear based policies that affect others. People with internal control issues will attempt to control the behavior of others by mandating control based policies. People who are already bullies will continue to be bullies when an international pandemic hits. We might not wish to spend most of our time and resources looking for vaccines. Perhaps we should give out vouchers for psychotherapy for most of the population who are just acting out their internal conflicts.

     The "Greater Good" can be used in almost any instance to control, tame, manipulate or dominate any society. Here are some examples of how I would use the "Greater Good" philosophy. For the "Greater Good", I would force all politicians to tell the truth. Require shoppers to return their shopping carts to the rack rather then leave them in the parking lot. Ban rap music. Eliminate animals on airplanes. Make it illegal to fart in public.

     Maybe the fascists and demonizes are not so far away any more. They could be coming from your very own neighborhood, family or political party. Perhaps you had better not look in the mirror each morning as you might find that you are no different than Adolph Hitler or Francisco Franco. Your own lack of insight leads you to bully and control others by claiming that it is for the "Greater Good" that you take away basic human rights from people and punish others who do not see the world in the same way as you do.

     The culture of unconsciousness and totalitarianism spares no one. Watch your back. It might be you next who is eliminated for the "Greater Good" of the rest of the flock.