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Forgiveness is something that comes naturally from a forgiving heart. It is much easier to sleep at night and to be able to face another day if we have cleaned out our hearts from the day just ending!

Recently two incidents were recorded on the nightly news that disturbed me deeply. Former first lady, Michelle Obama, in writing her memoirs, stated as part of her rhetoric, “For what Trump did to endanger my family with his (possible) misstatements about the Obama family, I will ‘never’ forgive him” This is coming from a person who claims Christianity (the religion of forgiveness) for her guiding force.

When President Trump heard what Mrs. Obama had written about him in her book, he replied, “I will never forgive former President Barack Obama for what he did to our military!” This comes from a man who claims to be ultra-moral, and who claims Christianity (the religion of forgiveness) as his guiding force. Are either of these individuals taking seriously what the Prince of Peace directed them to do? I think not!

I was dumfounded to say the least! Here are two grown-up parents who should be setting the example for all Americans, tearing at each other with bared fangs. These two have the opportunity to set the example for generations to come. Instead, they choose to make petty statements that could damage, not only their own souls, but the souls of their children, and the souls of anyone who looks up to them!

The first example of forgiveness to a child is between that child and either parent. When the child misbehaves, it is the duty of a parent to correct that child, and then later take the child into their arms and console it by forgiving the past misbehavior. If the parent punished the child without cause, the parent should be man enough or woman enough to admit to the child that they made a mistake.

Then the child, as it grows older, watches both parents to see whether these two will forgive each other after a bout of disagreement. This sets the pace for the rest of the child’s life. The child begins to understand that forgiveness clears the air. It is no wonder that multiple murders are being committed in America. These killers have never been taught the importance of forgiveness. They may have never been forgiven for anything they ever did as a child. As a child grows with hate and anger inside, that child allows this to fester into an over-boiling pot that must be directed toward someone else as he saw it in his own household. The results, a barroom full of people either killed or, at the least seriously wounded. These survivors will never be the same again, and possibly, will never again congregate in a crowded place. Yet, our so-called leaders are fanning the flames of dissension towards each other, and proclaiming, “I will never forgive that person!”

Who are we weaker minded people to look up to? (We are led to believe that we are weaker minded because we choose leaders like these to represent us!) One thing was very noticeable in the incident between Mrs. Obama and President Trump: She attacked him, but he chose to attack, not her, but her husband!  This reminds me of a story I heard when I was a young boy. It seems that two farmers were feuding about some trivial matter and the way that they finally got back at each other was to sneak out at night and kill the animals of the opposing farmer. The animals paid the ultimate sacrifice for their lack of forgiveness! How many nights must these two farmers, who should have been pillars in their communities, have lain awake wishing they had not done this act of reprisal? I wonder if Mrs. Obama and President Trump have lost any sleep over these cutting statements? Will Trump’s children act as he has acted? Will Mrs. Obama’s children act as she has acted?

Isn’t it time we had some healing in our nation? If either party I have mentioned ever read this article, I pray that they will take to heart what I have written. It will be interesting to see which one will make the first effort to begin the healing process, not only of their hearts, but the heart of each person in America!