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 by Jon Burras
The Fifth Branch of Government:
The Deep State
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     Your high school civics class seemed to be very thorough and concise when describing how the Federal Government of the United actually works. We were told that there were three distinct and separate branches of government that provided a safety net so that one branch could not become more powerful than any of the other two branches. These three branches of government came to be known as the following: The executive, legislative and the judicial. Essentially the President, Congress and Supreme Court made up those three entities.

     We naive voters always just assumed that is how things functioned. Little did we know that we have been misled and there are forces outside of these branches of government that have a controlling influence on the government and its policies. In a previous article I have encapsulated the Fourth Branch of Government. (JonBurras/articles/The Fourth Branch of Government; The Corporation). The Fourth Branch of Government is the Corporation.

This brings us to the Fifth Branch of Government: The Deep State.           

     The Deep State consists of individuals who are hired in government positions to be "civil servants" and do the work of the people. No matter which party is in office a civil servant is supposed to leave his party affiliations behind and serve the American people—all of them. Someone who is a member of the deep state has a job as a civil servant but actually serves the interest of his or her own political party. In essence, they are a spy in the government attempting to perform tasks or gain information to benefit their own political party.

    An example of a member of the deep state is someone who acts as a "whistleblower". While it is important that people come forward when bad deeds are planned, this title has taken on a whole new meaning. The whistleblower of today is someone looking for mistakes in the other party and has a carte blanche pathway to expose them. They never have to have their name or identity exposed, are never challenged or crossed examined and will never have to face criminal charges if they are lying. Whistleblowers are the new deep state method of attacking your political opponent.

     Another way the deep state operates is to leak out information. A member of the deep state might be seated in a meeting with a high government official or even the President himself. If this individual hears or sees something in a private meeting behind closed doors that he or she does not like he might be able to leak that information to the media. What were once private conversations can no longer be trusted as so. From high ranking FBI officials to lower ranking workers in the White House communications department, we have seen a swarm of deep state activity in recent years. These individuals, while having taken an oath to serve the American people, are just serving their own political affiliations.

    The deep state activity takes place when executive orders are not followed. For instance, the President had ordered that some of the former heads of the intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI) have their security clearances revoked as they are no longer employees and their civil service status has expired. Unfortunately, some deep state workers never carried out the actions. It turns out that a year later it was found out that these former heads of the security departments still had security clearances. Deep state workers acting on their own behalf refused to carry out the President's executive orders. These deep state workers had formed their own branch of government and thought they could make their own rules. We have seen the same action transpire in regards to new immigration guidelines. Some sympathetic government immigration employees have refused to carry out stricter immigration policies. Once again, they are serving their own agenda and not the one they were sworn to serve.

      A deep state member is not one who is granted a certificate or is on someone's roll call list. They do not go to school or receive training in how to be a member of the deep state. They are just someone who has gone rogue and believes that their political party is more important than serving the will of all the American people. Like many public servants, they forget that they took an oath to serve and not to spy.

     The deep state is not going away. When we have a very divided country you will always find government workers who are more aligned with their own party than their service to their country. For that reason we must include the deep state as the Fifth Branch of Government. Public servants have forgotten which master they are to serve. As long as they serve their own political party they are doing a disservice to the country and are no longer a "public servant" but a spy among their peers. If someone is not satisfied with who is leading the country then it might be time to look for a job in the private sector.

     Nobody back in high school civics class could have imagined that our government could have eroded in such a fashion. Many still put on their rose colored blinders and pretend that everything works as intended. Isn't it time for all of us to awaken from our lofty Constitutional day dreams and acknowledge America for what it truly is—a country with a public set of rules as well as clandestine governing entities. Is it not time to throw away those antiquated civics books and tell young and impressionistic students the real truth about how things work? Or we can continue to believe that Santa Claus will arrive by Christmas day and the three branches of government are actually working.



(JonBurras/articles/The Fourth Branch of Government: The Corporation)