Excuse Me, But That's On Backwards
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by Ron Cruger
     My neighbor friend and I often watch sport events together. We kibitz and criticize the athletes unmercifully. During a recent lull in the tennis matches at Wimbledon I turned towards neighbor-Jimmy and said, “Look at that guy, playing with his cap on backwards. I wonder if he knows how dumb that looks.”
     Jimmy responded, “Hey, that’s what kids do nowadays.”
     “I know, but doesn’t it look stupid for someone to put on their cap backwards and expect people to take them seriously?”
     “Well, I know, Ron, but that’s what kids do today. Lots of kids are wearing their caps backwards.”
     “I wonder why these kids wear a baseball cap backwards. It certainly couldn’t be more comfortable and it doesn’t keep the sun out of their eyes better.”
     “Y’know, Ron, maybe they just think it’s cool to wear It backwards.”
     “Oh, please. Wearing the cap backwards looks dumb. If they want to look really dumb why not wear their shirt, or pants or shoes backwards. To be really originally dumb how about wearing their shoes on the other foot. You know, right on left.”
     “To be honest, Ron, I’ve wondered what the reason is for wearing their caps backwards, but lots of these young big-time athletes are walking around with their caps on backwards. There has to be a reason.”
     “Maybe, if these backward cap people are troubled by the caps’ bill being in their way they should consider wearing a cap with no bill – like a yarmulke. That would be more comfortable and it would look a lot nicer.”
     “I just don’t get it. I see these young guys in great shape, wearing stylish athletic clothes and then they put the finishing touch on their costume by wearing a cap backwards. Don’t these guys realize it makes them look comical?”
     “You just don’t get it, Ron, those ‘backward cap’ guys think they are being cool. I don’t know why it’s cool, but it is, I guess.”
     “I’m kind of serious, but maybe some guy who is thought of being cool will start wearing his pants backwards and young guys around the world will be seen wearing their pants backward. And isn’t that going to be cool. Young athletes wearing their caps and pants backwards. Their opponents won’t know if their coming or going – and neither will I.”
      “Oh, Jimmy, look, there’s a guy walking out on the center court at Wimbledon and he has his cap on backwards. He keeps fiddling with it, like it annoys him.”
     “Yeah, I see him. He looks fairly normal other than he has his cap is on backwards. Wait, wait, let me check his pants.”
     “The backwards cap guy is going to serve. He’s fiddling with his backwards cap. It looks kind of uncomfortable on his head.”
     “At least his pants are on right.”

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