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by Josh Lee
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I don't make lists. It's probably the main reason I'm so disorganized. One of my professors, incredibly cute, but my professor nonetheless, is the ultimate list maker. He has lists and lists of things he wants to before he dies. Sadly, I'm not on it. Kidding (not kidding). He calls it the Los Angelist and is always pestering me to make lists of things I need to do, want to see, need to remember. And I would, I just don't ever remember to look at them. If they're on paper they get thrown away. If they're on my phone they get deleted and on either they just plain get forgotten. I thought this would be a nice way to start out my Eurolouge. I wish I could maintain the illusion that I'm this polished, prepared, professional. But I'm not. And I'm not even going to try to convince you otherwise.
So anyway back to the problem at hand. I wish I had a butler to pack my bags and touch up my itinerary and go to the bank and get cash for me. Cash: British pounds, Euros, and something called the Krona (crown?) for our trip to Prague. Not to mention I want a few Canadian dollars for my stopover in Toronto. You never know if those Visa people are going to be on their game and actually know that I'm traveling abroad. Plus, from a design standpoint, let's be honest, the Canadian dollar is beautiful.
I probably should have given myself a little more time to prepare. I made the brilliant decision to book out one day after finishing a load of brutal finals. Smart, no? So yeah I'm kind of going insane right now. Today is Thursday, December 12, and I'm just finished with exams. I'm taking my SUV in for maintenance and then immediately coming home to do laundry and packing. I leave Saturday morning (bright and early on the 8AM flight).
The adventure of a lifetime is out there now just a mere forty eight hours away! Throughout the entire three weeks abroad you'll be able to tag along on my adventure right here on The Spectator and also on myeuroblog.com! Three weeks, five countries, one amazing adventure.