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          What impresses me most about Rush Limbaugh is the man’s unbounded ability to perform on the radio five days a week and spew toxic, rancorous diatribes at any Democrat or liberal in general and President Obama in particular. He doesn’t appear to tire of the spewing. At the start of each show he is wound up and ready to say whatever is necessary to bring embarrassment and shame to the president.
          The man has the largest radio audience in existence, estimated from fourteen million to 25 million a week.
          Rush Limbaugh is the “King of Radio.” Nobody else is close.
          Before we go any further let’s agree that Limbaugh is an entertainer first and foremost. He makes on the order of fifty million dollars a year to entertain people. Evidently there are enough Americans out there in radioland who want to be entertained by hearing of the terrible inadequacies, conniving and hidden agendas of the president of the United States and his phalanx of crooks and conniving fools in the Democrat Party.
          Limbaugh recently offered praise to President Obama for making the decision to kill Osama bin Laden at the same time swatting the president with a paddle, saying that Obama is pursuing a secret agenda.
          As much of the country celebrated the accomplishment of ridding the planet of one of its most horrible, murderous men, Limbaugh said the following to his radio audience: “He (Obama) ordered an assassination and he can’t say it. He put us on a path to socialized medicine and he can’t say it. The stimulus bill was a slush fund for public sector unions, he can’t say it. EPA regulations are a backdoor cap-and-tax, he can’t say it. He’s a card-carrying member of the radical Left, he can’t say it. He has a leftist-inspired prejudice against the private sector, he can’t say it. Bill Ayers was his good friend, he can’t say it. He listed to every word in Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years, he can’t say it. And he has a real problem with Israel, but he can’t say it.”
          Each week day Limbaugh chomps at the bit to point out the error of Obama’s ways. He claims that the President has to hide who he is and what he is doing – to the country.
          I have a strong belief that it is healthy for our country to hear criticisms of our politicians, the president included. Keeps us on our political toes. But, what Limbaugh does is so total, so final, so completely condemning, so all consuming, so utterly critical of every move that the president makes that it could be classified as “overkill.” Do even Limbaugh’s most loyal listeners every wonder if the “King of Radio,” this rich entertainer, is exaggerating the faults and hidden aims of the president? Could a sitting president be a secret enemy of the republic? Could the president be carrying the deep, dark secrets that Limbaugh hints at? Could the president of the United States manage to construct errors, mistakes and nefarious and diabolical dealings that Rush Limbaugh claims is the president’s agenda?
          If Limbaugh is anywhere near accurate in his assumptions it means that the majority of the American public, the public which chose Obama to be our president, were bamboozled and sucker-punched by a man of sinister and demonic goals.
          It also means that this president of ours, each time he appears on television or at an assembled crowd is lying and leading us down the path of unscrupulous, hidden perfidy.
          President Obama’s decision to silence bin Laden could have wound up as colossal mistake – an embarrassment to him and the country. If the mission would have failed President Obama would be wearing its millstone around his neck for all time. He would have been the president who failed. Instead, the country is in the throes of a celebration of success. A rebirth of American pride is extant. In the midst of the jubilation the “King of Radio” is doing everything in his power to illustrate the failings and secret goals of the president.
          Limbaugh may continue to heap painful criticism on the back of our president, perhaps there are individual cases where the criticism may genuinely apply. If so, pour it on.
          But no matter what Rush Limbaugh claims is the president’s hidden agenda the remaining truth is that bin Laden is dead. That’s an important fact that ranting and raving on the radio cannot change. The man who master-minded September 11, 2001 has been eliminated by a heroic group of men and an equally heroic president.
          Limbaugh is heard by our men and women in uniform around the world on Armed Forced Radio. I wonder what a soldier or Marine trudging the dangerous sands of Afghanistan thinks of his Commander in Chief as he listens to Rush Limbaugh lambast the president for his corrupt decisions.
          Perhaps it is time for the “King of Radio” to stick to the facts and admit that our president makes some errors and hits some home runs.
          It’s okay to boo the errors and applaud the home runs. Get it, Rush!
Where the hell are we headed?
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