Enough negativity, let's have some laughs
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      Nothing new here ! Just the ramblings of older, self appointed happy person, who feels, “I am tired of being bombarded with negativity.”

    There are times when I either read or watch the news on TV. There is very little to make you feel good these days. Sure, we all know that times are difficult, and trying, but I also remember similar times, perhaps not this crazy, when everyone was so somber, concerned, and panicky, but took time to laugh, and redirect their thoughts to an escape mode.

    Granted, we all need to be serious about what’s going on in our own backyard, our particular state, and the world. Yes, we need to realize the seriousness of the times, and do what we can to get through this as unscathed as possible, and help everyone we can who is truly in dire need.

    However; what happened to laughter, fun, fantasy, wit, and looking at the world through rose colored glasses? 

    Humor has always taken us from being down, disturbed, concerned, too serious, and neurotic, to accepting our circumstances, putting them on hold, relaxing a bit, and enjoying a good laugh or two.

    Leah Liberman in her writing about “More humor is needed” spoke of TV, current comedians, and many of the past who gave us a reason to laugh. 
For a few minutes, they allowed us to forget the “Doomsday Sayers” and enjoy the moment.

    Realizing that we all have different views, attitudes, and expectations, I vote for laughter, fun, and fantasy. We can take a minute, an hour, or whatever it takes, and just get lost in laughter, and fun. 

    All of us being too serious, make us queasy, headachy, or have neurosis, and not knowing why.

    I am not making light of the problems that we have all around us, but, rather suggest that we are our own worst enemies. This is nothing new, as we take the blame for things we cannot change, and subconsciously, beat ourselves up to the point of depression, and wind up with so many illnesses, and then wonder why.

    Laughter has always allowed us to step back, put the things of the day on hold, and just revel in the moment. Isn’t that healthier than an ulcer? You bet!!

    My sister-in-law sent my wife, and I a text message on our cell phones last week, with nothing but a message of a little yellow cartoon character with big blue tennis shoes rolling around the ground in uncontrollable laughter.

    It made us break up, and I couldn’t stop laughing at it. I then found out I could make it my ringtone. I thought, how great, as everyone we know has almost the same music on their phones. 

    Now, every time my phone rings I cannot help but chuckle, and so do the people around me who hear it.. What a small thing to create such laughter throughout the day. I have been asked by several people already to forward the text message to them, and happily do so. 

    Perhaps someone will send this little yellow character with the big blue tennis shoes to you on your cell phone, so you too, can chuckle throughout the day, and forget everything going on for a moment.