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       The future holds many challenges for the United States of America, especially for the young people. The older generations might be able to weather the increase in the number of members of the Washington hierarchy who are supposed to represent the people but who in fact only represent themselves. Most of us older citizens grew up loving and respecting America and were willing to fight against its enemies, and supported those who fought and died for this land of freedom and opportunity. But to many of us, the current problems and possible outcomes are beginning to take their toll on our patience. And we have much to be concerned about. Real freedom is getting more and more scarce, and what we used to think of as opportunities are disappearing right and left. If the current state of affairs wasn't so drastically disappointing and almost suicidal, it could be called comical. It's getting to the point where Enough is Enough! Let's take a look at the current events that folks read and hear about day in and day out as they try to maintain an optimistic outlook for the future of this great country, America. The following are some of the reasons why "We the people" are getting more anxious and frustrated about the apparent mess our country is in.
       Judges are ruling that thousands of prisoners be released into the general population before their debt to society is paid. Crowded prisons doesn't seem to justify this action to most people. Aren't prisons supposed to be uncomfortable? The government has given away billions of dollars of our tax money to a few large corporations, much of which has ended up in the pockets of company CEO's. Small businesses see something wrong with this picture. Pilots of commercial airlines have requested permission to carry weapons to stem the tide of unruly passengers. Priests have been discovered to have been sexually abusing children for decades, and much of the time their actions have been covered up by the Church, and the offenders usually spend no time behind bars. Nations that we have been subsidizing for years, with our tax money in the form of foreign aid, are of late threatening using nuclear weapons, and all along they show hatred towards America and what it stands for. The president says he can't control the rising price of gasoline, while campaigning to say that he can control the runaway failure of our economy. Is it possible that he may be one of the causes? To most citizens, these situations are completely unnecessary and they feel that things have just gotten out of hand and "government intelligence" has become an oxymoron.
       Marijuana outlets are popping up right around the corner, claiming to be offering "medical relief." Shooting incidents are increasing around the nation in schools and churches and gun sales are increasing nationwide. There is long term and widespread unemployment, resulting in people who are undeserving getting welfare checks for extended periods, and many of them making no effort to change their way of life to stem the tide. Athletic coaches are sexually abusing their players. Very young people spend a huge amount of time today on the internet, where child pornography and every sort of explicit sex is rampant, all presented under the protection of "freedom of speech." Nudity, foul language, violence, and killing are now common place in movies and on TV. Viewers seem to have come to expect those kinds of plots nowadays and are becoming less offended by them, if they are offended at all. The Occupy protestors are using public land to dump their waste products, in the name of the "right to protest." What they are really doing is breaking local laws. The cost to citizens of getting a college education is rising, unless you happen to be in this country illegally, then the government will somehow make an exception. The national debt is rising at warp speed with no end in sight. And remember, the debt is not money owed to the people, but money owed by the people to a government that refuses to offset spending with income. Open gang violence exists across the nation, and the police are often asked to give more rights to criminals than to victims. The government is telling schools what to teach in the classroom. Sex education and homosexuality, often presented as a normal way of life, are being put into the curriculum at lower and lower grade levels. Social Security funds are dwindling at rates that may not insure future retirees. More and more, men and women are parenting several children out of wedlock with no long term commitment to each other. When you consider all of this, is there any wonder that there is widespread unrest and lack of trust or faith in the government and some segments of society?
       I wonder how many of these challenges to the "American way of life" either political party has any notion of how to deal with, let alone solve? Or worse, do they even want to solve them? Do they behave like they want to? Do they not see these activities as harmful, and likely to have catastrophic results to the country and that they need attention now! Campaign promises have lost their credibility, lying presidents are no longer a rarity, and bi-partisan bickering and name calling have increased in Congress to such an extent that it has become like a comedy sitcom, if not a national disgrace. Where can we find leaders to get us out of this mess? Surely not with the existing cast of characters who will be running for president next November. It is a sobering thought for future generations that America may not remain as the "leader of the free world", the "home of the free and the brave." I know it is the hope of all true lovers of our America that future generations come up with ways and means to keep the "Spirit of 76" alive. In the past it was always the hope, and often the fact, that each succeeding generation would have a better way of life than the preceding one. Although that prospect may seem highly unlikely for now, remember that America has overcome several wars, presidential assassinations, depressions and lurid government scandals in the past. With resolve, maybe we can outlast the current crisis also.
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