Eagles Can Get Waterlogged
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 by Frank Shortt
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Eagle Preening - Ray Pacheco
As the white-crowned symbol of America dove into the lake for its needed respite, it misjudged its ability to make a semi-landing and rise quickly with the prize! We will never know what that prize was as a mishap suddenly occurred that changed things considerably!

When the hunter becomes the prey, the hunter needs to reconsider the necessities. This eagle ended up in the lake becoming prey to whatever came along that liked eagle flesh. This eagle must have thought as it struggled to remove itself from the lake; "Man, I'd better make myself scarce from my dire situation lest something come along looking for a helpless dinner!" This is the situation of many wretched, hapless men and women.
This eagle was blessed to be able to remove itself from the lake finally reaching a safe haven in the dead snag of a tree. It began preening its plume and tried to soothe its pride as is the case with most of us who make an error in judgment. It seems that lately most humans spend more time soothing themselves rather than the chores needing the most attention. Alcoholism is on the rise, as is, use of narcotics for spacing out!

This reminds us of the America of today as we dive into the lake of seeming opportunities and each shady, star-crossed deal offered by those who would be in authority. They hope that we will kneel to any handout that they have to offer. Unfortunately, the money being sent out at this time has a double intention. My wife and I received the stipend sent out by Uncle Sam to try and help the economy recover. What they didn't tell us was that it put us into a higher tax bracket and we ended up having to pay out more than we received! Very clever of our leaders, don't you think? I just wonder how many others ended up in the same boat we are in? This was after we had donated the money to a very worthy cause!

We must all walk softly, as unfortunate ones, not ending up in the slough of despair! We must try to preen our plumes as best we can, and remove the muck and slime that came from the polluted waters. We all have a lot of pride to swallow as we try to squelch the ache of being dumped into deep waters instead of rising above the danger lurking below.

This present situation of the plague that has ravaged America could have been made less severe had some of us swallowed our pride and admitted that there was a problem. I know that, since I am now almost 80 years of age, I have had to succumb to the idea of being an older man. I cannot run and race with my grandchildren as I did before. I need to stretch before getting up in order not to get dizzy and fall down. My bodily functions are not as natural as they used to be. I am told not to climb up too high on a ladder. I find that I cannot walk quite as far as I used to. Maybe the eagle I have written about could have been experiencing some physical disabilities. Maybe he or she had not taken the time to renew their youth as is the way of the bald eagle. Whatever the case, it is hoped that this little column will cause each of us to reflect on our being and begin to remember our present situation. After all, we are all not getting any younger!