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 by Laramie Boyd
Don't Stop the Carnival
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        In your lifetime, have you ever witnessed a president of the U.S. who followed through on all of his campaign or tenure promises? Or even a majority of them? Well now, here we have Donald Trump who says he will change all that. These are a few of the things he says he will do if he becomes president.

- Strengthen the military - Take care of veterans
- Bring back companies and jobs from overseas
- Get rid of Obamacare
- Be great to women.
- Spend $1,000,000,000 if he must to win the election
- Unveil an immigration plan that includes building a wall
- Get Mexico to pay for the wall
- Stop Iran from getting an atomic bomb
- Save Social Security
- Release a new tax plan that helps the middle class
- Take no pay for the job
- Get Congress to pass whatever he wants
- Make America great again
        If it sounds too good to be true,......! On the other hand, how many of the current president's campaign and tenure promises has he fulfilled. Maybe we need someone with a little chutzpah, which The Donald has in excess. His "I can't be bought" theme is not only catchy, but refreshing, I must say. Do you really have to be a die-hard Republican or Democrat in order to agree or disagree with most of these goals? Surely there some crossover ideas here that could be agreed on by both parties? Are there any legitimate
representatives out there in the la-la land of American politics who can stand up for what they know is right, and not just for their party's official stance?