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 by Laramie Boyd
Don't Give Up Without a Fight
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     I'm having trouble figuring out just what it is that is changing the very heart of American life, its values, work habits and the entitlement demands of some of its citizens.
Just what are the contributing pressures and influences that are digging away at American core values. And some people don't seem to be bothered by these recent intrusions into our way of life. They kind of go along with any change from the way the country has been behaving in the not too distant past, with hardly any objection. Of course change is not bad if it makes things better. or greater, but change only for change's sake is suspect to say the least. "Just because I can" is never a good enough reason. And the United States has never been perfect, nor can it be and never will be. But overnight change as we are experiencing can be devastating.
     Why, for example, all of a sudden are statues of famous people from the past being torn down? Is it because the person honored with a statue spoke racist words, or his relatives did, long ago? Good luck in rooting all those persons out, as "racist" works both ways. Should the pyramids be torn down because some Egyptians had slaves? Some people believe the workers at the Ford Co. were treated like slaves by Henry Ford.
     Why are a myriad of words being redefined to suit the demands of protestors? To a Liberal, a left wing riot is called a protest, while to a Conservative, a left wing protest is called a riot. The words marriage, husband, wife, nativity scenes without black dolls or real people, these and so many more words are defined differently nowadays than they once were. Why? Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant seems like calling a meth dealer an undocumented pharmacist. And of course "Making America Great Again", by either political party, depends solely on the definition of "great".
     Then there is the renaming of streets; allowing children, and sometimes adults, to choose which toilet they want to use; lowering educational standards in math and reading in order to qualify for a " graduation" party. And wishing people "Merry Christmas". Where will it all end? Certainly not greater.
    I ask you, are these and so many other issues and changes in America really for the best? Haven't movements and protests about the American way of life gotten out of hand? Isn't it time to stop and think and evaluate what's happening in this country, before its too late. It's bad enough that the Government is giving away trillions of dollars that it doesn't have to some citizens who either don't want to work or don't want to learn skills needed to get a job. The homeless, the crippled. These can be exceptions. But eventually, the fact must be faced. There are only so many trillion dollars to give away. And surely we can't go on giving freebies, not only to so many of our own citizens, but to "illegal border crossers" as well. Insanity in government is slowly spreading like the virus, with no end in sight.
     Winston Churchill said it all when describing whether or not he felt that England should "negotiate a peace" with Adolf Hitler, prior to World War II, after the Fuhrer had taken over some European countries: "When will we learn" Winnie said, "that you can't negotiate with a tiger when it has your head in its mouth?" Are the changes in the country once called a nation "of the people, by the people, and for the people" dividing its citizens to the point where it will never again be thought of as a "United" States of America? Wake up citizens! The demands by some people who want to control and/or change the role of the police, education goals, border security, the welfare budget, on and on, these activities have to be curtailed, or those people will become the mouth of the tiger.