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Do it, dammit!
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       I’m sick and tired of what has been going on in Washington and many of the states in our union. Schoolchildren and teachers, innocent men and women attending a musical event or sitting at a school desk become murder statistics. Scores of deaths are announced and the nation mourns. Senators and representatives in our Congress appear on television news, proclaiming that our nation has endured a hateful and painful experience.
       A president appears on cable news networks and announces that it is a time for quiet reflection. Families of the murdered Americans are shocked at the suddenness of the departure of their loved ones..
       Speeches ring out about the unfairness of the killings. More speeches are given concerning how the painful conclusions of these lives affects all of us Americans.
       In all of the brutal slayings the use of rapid fire automatic rifles were the tools of the slaughters. The speech makers blamed the butchery on modern weapons of war – armament designed to mow down professional fighting men. Men who, themselves carry the same type of killing tools that our civilian murderers use.
       With an air of certainty, the speechmakers, the television heads, the elected ones, offer trifling, anemic and powerless solutions to avoid further slaughters at our schools and large gatherings of hapless attendees.
       Soon after the bodies hit the floor the cry goes out, “Don’t look at me, it ain’t my fault.” Political organizations gear up. The National Rifle Association struts on America’s stages and proclaims “They’ll try and take away our guns. We must protect the Second Amendment!”
       Let’s face it, the Second Amendment is worth protecting. It’s a valuable remnant of the effort great men put forth to unify and protect our country. It makes legal the rights of our militia to carry arms. The Second Amendment says nothing about not permitting ill-adjusted, psychotic, deranged men from purchasing armament that can lay dead scores of innocent people in the time the shooter can take a deep breath.
       The problems and their solutions lay clearly before us.
       Stop the sale of rapid fire automatic weapons to any unbalanced, psychotic, volatile being by enacting mental tests as part of the purchase of firearms. Treat the purchase of automatic weapons the same as if a customer wanted to purchase a bazooka, hand grenades, a powerful canon or an airplane loaded with bombs. The chosen elected must create a test for sanity of the purchaser before any armament sale is consummated.
       Anyone owning an automatic, rapid firing weapon must be licensed and pass a mental test for ownership.
       Everything must be done to avoid a repeat of these blood-letting, frantic, unhinged attacks using rapid fire automatic weapons.
        God forbid if the next attack comes inside the walls of our Congress or at the doorway of a child’s 5th grade classroom.’