Debating Debacle
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There was a debate held by two of America's children on September 29, 2020. This debate became a Babylon of confusion as these two children battled it out on the field of political conflict. I must say that I am so ashamed for the two children and for America who was subjected to this awful abuse!

O beautiful for spacious skies

Her skies are no longer beautiful as a large portion of the West Coast is being razed to the ground by multiple devastating fires with smoke drifting even to the East Coast! Even when there are no fires smog covers most of America's cities. The worst pollution is the rhetoric of our politicians in Washington, DC, as they spout out hate for each other and sow seeds of discord between all the races of people that make up America! What a disgrace!

For amber waves of grain

Farmers are now being paid not to grow the grain that feeds America as tons of glutted grain is dumped into landfills and the ocean. The cows that eat the grain are on the verge of being outlawed because their droppings, created by eating the grain: e.g. Corn and Wheat, is causing too much methane gas! As experienced in raising cows and other animals in my Old Virginia Home, we found out that if you feed hay that is too green to a cow it causes the cow to get dysentery! What is a poor cow to eat? What will our children drink instead of milk?

For purple mountain majesties

Where once great mountains were covered with lush foliage huge swaths of them are bare due to fires. This is the result of neglect by mankind to care for their heritage by thinning out the forests and keeping the underbrush cut. This could easily be done by crews from prisons who are now building up their muscles by pumping iron instead of doing something useful with their time behind bars! No! If they do that it would be taking jobs away from those who are unemployed! Fat chance!

Above the fruited plain!

More and more fruit trees are being replaced by vineyards so that men can imbibe their lives away drinking wine! It is amazing how much alcohol in the form of fermented grapes is consumed by the peoples of the world. Wine is a sneaker and will grab a person before they realize they have become a slave to it. The 'fruited plains' have become breeding grounds for every other form of degradation as men and women haze their minds with alcohol! They say it is their God given right to do what they please! Is this what the fruited plain of America has become, people who do what they please?

America! America! God shed His grace on thee

As the two Christian children debated Tuesday night, there was not seen one manifestation of the Christ they claim to serve. If their God had shed His grace on them where was the courtesy? Where was the patience? Where was the emulation of the Christ they claim to serve, who when questioned by His detractors, "Opened not His mouth!" Where oh where was the charity? Nothing could be seen but hatred!

And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea

How can the two large oceans that butt on to each side of the United States be called 'shining'? They have been the recipients of all types of bombs, huge shells of all kinds, garbage scow contents, equipment of all kinds after wars have ended, and chemical weapons of who knows what? It is of extreme importance that brothers act like brothers!
My brother and I were about 14 months apart. Sometimes we fought like cats and dogs! After we each settled down, we were the best of friends and the brotherhood had been restored. He always seemed to go easier on me than the other way around!

What will it take to cause the two debating children from Tuesday's debates to forgive each other and restore the brotherhood, if there ever was brotherhood? Aren't we all Americans?