Dancing of the Edge of Disaster
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       It has been written that “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!” It seems that the whole world, in regards to North Korea, is doing just that! It is foolish to threaten an oncoming foe. If you have the capability to stop that foe, just do it! All threats against that foe only becomes airy bluster!
       There are certain denizens of the animal kingdom who can appear to make themselves larger than they really are in order to scare away predators. Cobras, certain birds, certain fish, and even land animals sometimes appear larger than they really are. Fish known as puffers, balloonfish, blowfish, bubblefish, globefish, swellfish, toadfish, and sea squabs, all gulp seawater when they want to make themselves bigger and badder. The frilled lizard is one of the most capable animals to expand themselves to a much larger size by fluffing out flaps of skin on its neck. He soon becomes a hissing, tooth snapping menace to its enemy, thus he does not become cuisine to a mongoose or other predator. We need to stop all this hissing and tooth snapping!
       It is hard to fathom that one little insignificant country could be a ‘thorn in the flesh’ of the rest of the world, and for so many years. Korea has been ruled subsequently by China and Japan since about the 12th century. Korea was annexed by Japan after the Sino-Japanese war. This occurred in 1910. On July 28, 2010, it was decided by intellectuals in Korea and Japan that the annexation was never valid in the first place. It took over a hundred years to decide this?
       After the Second World War, Korea was divided along the 38th parallel, the industrial north being occupied by the Soviets and the agricultural south by the Americans who had freed South Korea from the Japanese. The Cold War was in full swing. Soviet and American forces supposedly withdrew, but North Korea, wanting the whole peninsula for themselves, invaded the south in June of 1950 with the approval of the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin. Arms were supplied by the Soviet Union, and manpower was enhanced by Chinese volunteers, probably because China was still angry about the Japanese takeover of Korea following the Sino-Japanese War. American forces, along with the ROK armed forces, repelled the Northern invasion, pushing them back to the 38th parallel. There has never been an official treaty signed, only a cease-fire that is on again, off again.
       Enter the Nuclear age to North Korea! North Korea’s government sent scientists to China in order to learn nuclear capabilities for medical research and peaceful pursuits. This led to the N.K. government deciding to pursue nuclear weapons, thus the present day stockpile of nuclear arms with hopes of having at least 50 nuclear weapons by the year 2020. North Korea has played the “Mouse that Roared” for so many years that it has become a national pastime.
       It has been said by recent escapees from North Korea, that there is mass starvation due to control of food stockpiles by the N.K. regime. All who disagree with any of their methods are starved into submission. One thing that is hard to fathom is why that any government who enslaves their people would choose to starve them and expect them to perform manual labor for any length of time. This is beyond human comprehension. They could soon run out of a labor force!
       So who is dancing on the edge of disaster? We in America are doing just that. We say we want peace, but looking at all intents and purposes, we seem to be involving ourselves in a lot of foreign affairs that are none of our business. Our government keeps saying ‘America First’, but we keep pushing a foreign agenda. When will we ever say, “ENOUGH!” Is it possible that North Korea was allowed to have nuclear capabilities to keep the rest of the world in line? She is not the only crazy power who is in possession of nuclear weapons! Who’s to say that some other little insignificant country will not soon break out with threats against the rest of the world? With the wealth of the world being spread around as oil booms, natural gas booms, and silicone booms, it lies within the capability of any small country to buy nuclear secrets from some larger country that is in possession of them. Money talks! Especially in the affairs of men!
       During an earthquake, there is only a feeling of helplessness. As the shaking proceeds, there is nothing can be done except to wait for the shaking to stop, and possibly crawl under some protecting edifice. As a person takes into their mouth a sip of scalding, hot coffee, the next thing that person does is probably going to be the wrong thing to do. Are we at that point in the U.S A? In the time of great disaster one only thinks of their own personal salvation! All else is forgotten for that moment! “If I can only survive maybe I can be of help to someone else!”