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 by Laramie Boyd
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A cowboy stands by an old barn door,
Where once a herd of cattle trod.
And time left them its aging marks,
The cowboy, the barn, and they just nod.

But once the cowboy branded bawling calves,
And cut and ran mighty steers.
To him it seems just yesterday,
But was it, he wonders, that many years?

He'd like to break just one more paint, Rope a Mustang at full dead run.
But this old cowboy knows, it seems,
There'll be no more days in the long hot Sun.

Now his saddle hangs on the bunkhouse wall,
His spurs and chaps are put away.
He longs, as he leans, on the old barn door,
For, yes, just one more drive. It could be any day.