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Covering Three Wars
 by Frank Shortt
     It is a sad situation for parents, especially mothers, who are required to send their young men, lately young women also, to the fields of battle. They never know in what condition they will return!
    All eras have produced wars, brother fighting brother, friend fighting friend, countrymen fighting countrymen. Most of these young, energetic, inductees go with the idea of being right and just want to get it over with as soon as possible. Some die fearlessly for their particular cause. Some even go with the idea of gaining fame.
     The War Between the States, better known as the Civil War, was a grim experiment in saving the democracy of the United States. This war was fought at the cost of loss of many lives. These deaths were very painful, not only for the ones waiting at home, but for the soldiers, on both sides, who received the deadly wounds. There was always a lack of proper medical care, no anesthetics (except maybe alcohol), and the weapons used produced nasty wounds that left no doubt as to the outcome of the wounded! Lack of discipline, due to the haste of the moment, caused the deaths of many poorly trained individuals. Bad posturing from both armies prolonged the war with many needless killings. History denotes that the Southern States went down in infamy as a Lost Cause!
     World War 2, was a long, drawn-out conflict between aggressiveness and stability. World powers anticipated that this would be a sudden mop-up. The aggressors hoping to subdue the whole civilized world, the defenders hoping to overcome the perpetrators in short order. This war produced greater fighting machines wreaking havoc on both sides. The event, which finally conquered, was the unleashing of nuclear weapons that remain a problem to this moment. Mankind today is constantly on the brink of disaster due to some small country declaring their ability to bring devastation to the very doorstep of any opposing nation. So really, what did all the fighting solve in the long run?
     The Vietnam War went on and on no one knowing the direction it was taking. Our young men were told to fight but were held back from doing certain things that would further the advancement. This war produced many men who came back addicted to, not only killing, but to illicit drugs which flowed like water in the hot Southeast Asian climate. Some men took the drugs rather than face the humility of being detained by superiors. Some took drugs to bolster their bravado. Some just took drugs! As soldier after soldier returned to their homeland, they were looked down upon disgracefully. They were branded as child murderers! Dope addicts! Unjustifiable manslayers and a host of other degrading epithets!
     After all is said and done, what exactly does a war demonstrate? Are armies sent out to prove a nations power and dominance over other nations? Does war improve the prestige of a nation? If so, then why, after each encounter, does morale in the U.S. continue to drop further and further with each war?
     Three Wars, each producing personal conflict, aggressive behavior, dope addiction, PTSD, nightmares, and sometimes slow, painful rehabilitation! Is there not another way to end conflicting opinions throughout the world? Is there not another way to solve the , seemingly, fruitless waste of humanity? I was led to believe that we are now a civilized world, with all our doctorate degrees and everyone being so educated. World, have I been deceived?