Countries Viewing U.S. as Unfavorable
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 by Frank Shortt
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How ironic can it get? When another country views our president as unfavorable, they view us all as unfavorable! He represents all of us to the rest of the world.

President Trump is the most outspoken president since Theodore Roosevelt whose motto was, “Walk softly, but carry a big stick!” This was in reference to neighborhoods that have a reputation for possessing bad dogs!

Whether, or not, we agree with Trump’s policies, we must agree that, as of right now, he is our president. He not only represents the poor, the middle class (if there is such a thing in this country now), and he also represents the rich! Some people seem to forget that the president is viewed by other countries as being ‘America itself’! Also, some folks, even in America, seem to forget that most companies are owned by rich people. If there were no companies, there would be no jobs, and if there were no jobs, where would be get three cars per family, theater sized televisions, a computer in every room, the finest in telephones, and the list goes on and on, even in the poorest families!

According to alleged research of countries that ‘view Trump as an unfavorable president and that view America as unfavorable’ could it be because Trump has decided to stop supporting the whole world? Most of the countries that view the U.S. as unfavorable have depended upon our economy for, sometimes countless years, to even sustain the governments of their countries. Iran is in a tizzy because of economic sanctions. It makes one wonder why we have supported this country all these years as she continues to put America down at every turn. Isn’t there one country in the world that looks with favor on the U.S.?

The U.S. has saved other countries from annihilation in several wars. The U.S. has gone to their aid in multiple catastrophes throughout the years, spending countless U.S. taxpayer dollars to bring them back up out of devastation! Take for instance, England, France, Germany, Japan, and Belgium, who were utterly destroyed in WW2, but were resurrected by the U.S. and became symbols of a phoenix to the rest of the world. Most Latin American countries would not even have a government had the U.S. not intervened several times to insure their stability. Latin America is a ‘bad joke’ as far as internal revolutions. Who pulled them through? The U.S.! Now they have the nerve to view the U.S. as an unfavorable country while at the same time storming our gates to be able to come here for our ‘favorable’ way of life.

Germany, Japan, and Italy, our sworn enemies in WW2, each owe the U.S. for their very existence! France, the entire U.K., Belgium, Russia, all the middle European countries, as well as most of the rest of the world, owe our country a great debt, to this very day! Now we begin to understand the policy of “Don’t Tread on Me” as practiced by some well-known countries.

Growing up in a family of ten children, we had spats among ourselves, sometimes quite often. If another kid in the neighborhood picked on one of the Shortt children, he would have to answer to all the others. Wouldn’t it be nice if Americans felt the same way about other Americans? Of course, America has always stood up for small, underprivileged countries and that is why so many owe a debt of gratitude to her. Will she ever get a thank-you? I doubt it!

My advice to other countries who view the U.S. as unfavorable because of our leader, “Just disallow any aid from the U.S.! Remain isolationist! Stop trading with the U.S.! And most of all, stop trying to storm our gates for the opportunities afforded by the U.S.A.! Actually, we as a country are the most generous in the world, but sometimes the cow goes dry!