Conservative vs Liberal
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Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

If a person tells the truth about a matter, then that is what we all should be for. There is seldom a politician who will hold to the truth in spite of all colleagues going against that view. Too often politics get in the way of the truth. That is when views are swayed. Too often a person in politics is swayed, one way or the other by how much money is involved. I have been accused of being a ‘stick in the mud’ because I choose to have old-fashioned values in regards to business, to agreements with others, or standing on what I know to be right! Am I a conservative?

There are those that are considered ‘ultra conservative’ by their refusal to change even if they are proven to be wrong by the very document they deem to hold all the truth for them. This is the type person who would go into the basement and refuse to see the sunlight if he/she felt that there was no such a thing as light! Most politicians claiming to be conservative are blown by every wind of change if it benefits their point of view.


Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

This attitude has caused many a person to stray away from the values they were taught at home. For instance, if a child was raised in a home where it was taught that smoking tobacco could cause irreparable harm to their system, and proved to them by studies that this was the right opinion, who would they blame if they suddenly contracted cancer because of tobacco smoke? The same holds true with alcohol. Alcohol has been proven to rob the body of several nutrients essential to the body but people choose to listen to the advertisers instead of the cold hard facts! Society ends up having to pay, through their taxes, for the foolhardiness of individuals who refuse to listen to reason. I like bacon! It has been said by studies that bacon is not good for the heart because of the fat content that could clog one’s arteries! Am I a Liberal?

The problem in America is that every opposing political view, whether conservative or liberal, are painted with the same brush! A lot of babies are thrown out with the dishwater because of opposing views. I have met so-called conservatives who are so not conservative that it is blatantly apparent. They claim that they are conservative in their politics but when it comes to how they treat other people, they are ultra-liberal. Then I have met liberal people who are really more conservative, holding to traditional values, than any conservative you would want to meet. What makes the difference? It is just my opinion that most conservatives are just born to be that way and the same holds true to liberals. They are shaped somewhat by their environment, but will eventually hold to the nature they were born with, regardless of who they vote for.

It is high time that conservatives and liberals get together and agree on the bill of rights, the golden rule, and something that will lead them to helping instead of griping! Pretty soon, after weighing each other’s views, they will find out that the opposing view was not that far different than what they have always believed to be true! The trouble is, they will not take the time to listen to anyone long enough to really see what the other person is saying!

I find myself somewhere in the middle of all this claiming to be one or the other!