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 by Laramie Boyd
Comedy: Watch the Government and Report the Facts
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I wonder if the myriad of potential Democratic candidates for president in 2020 will also lie, manipulate and make ridiculous promises they can't keep. And, as Ann McFeatters in the Desert Sun newspaper suggests, those who "can't get their way will try to shut down the government, storm out of the room, scream and yell." She notices too that on any day of the week a Democrat announces his/her candidacy to run two years down the road.

          McFeatters suspects that the number of potential candidates as of today may be only one-half of the eventual number. And they all seem to be agreeing to promise a conglomerate of impossible to accomplish items. The promises, prompted by one Oscasio Cortez, include provocative and often vague, undefined concepts, an array of economic and social maneuvers to what end it is difficult to understand. A feast full of, well, see for yourself:

          Unify the country and restore our alliances

         Take back democracy and all tax cuts that benefitted the wealthy

          Ignore and "stick it to trump" whenever possible

         rebuild a post-Trump world

          Avoid big-money donors

          Make the rich pay families to raise their children if the family can't make ends meet

          Fix the broken immigration system with open borders

          Reduce the cost of a college education

         Rebuild the American infrastructure by tearing down all the big buildings

          Ensure that all workers make enough money to live on

          Provide universal health insurance

          Give parents free child care

          Ban cars, airplanes and farting cows, among other things

          Combat climate change

          Needless to say, to think that a legitimate presidential candidate could imagine that these should be a platform to run on blows the mind. It makes Donald Trump's promise to build a wall on the border look like a piece of cake. Maybe the fact is that today the Democratic Party is in the same bind that the Republicans were in 2016, namely without a singular leader without a viable platform able to challenge an incumbent president.

          Wouldn't it be nice if the elected Democratic Party members would use the time between now and the next election to help solve some of the social and financial problems of the country, rather than just sit around and try to figure out a way to beat Donald Trump. What do these lawmakers do each and every day? Visualize them sitting at their desks pondering ways to improve America, ways to solve the moral breakdown of our society, ways to reduce the bitter hatred the major parties use to respond to differences in opinions.

          In my mind I find it only possible to see the Congress of the United States sitting around concocting new ways to get elected, new promises to make, and break, new sleazy deals to ensure the continuation of their free medical care, retirement and health benefits they elected themselves, and how to dehumanize and get rid of the elected President. God help the government of the United States of America and God bless its citizens.