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          Seems like every week there’s news about some Congressman getting caught with his hands in the “cookie jar” or hanging out with some “cookie” that isn’t his wife.
          These Congress-guys should play it smarter. They get paid extremely well and the benefits of being a Representative or a Senator are glorious. All they have to do is behave even slightly honorable and forthright and they can get a fat paycheck and benefits that will sustain them the rest of their years. The Congressmen who preceded them made sure that all that follow would be taken care of – big time!
          The original idea of our forefathers, that Representatives and Senators would be “citizen legislators” has long faded into history. Congress is a place where rich lawyers go. Our Congressmen are even getting to look alike. They appear to be cranked out by some clever politician cloning machine. They appear to all get their hair cut by the same barber, outfitted by the same tailor, purchase the same set of three ties (one blue, one red, one with American flags).
          Our Congressmen even sound the same. They take the dais, straighten their ties and bloviate like crazy. After years of serving together they begin to sound alike. What could be said in fifty words takes them five thousand words.
          Surveys done in the past few years tell us that Americans have not invested a large amount of trust in their legislators.
          Regardless of the survey findings, when election time comes the voters go to the polls and send the same people or the same kind of people to Washington, D.C.
          So, year after year our Congressmen, of both parties, make their promises, spend like crazy and devote much of their time campaigning so they can be reelected for the following term. It’s a constant cry from those elected to Congress – “Vote for me, vote for me!”
          I think we need a change. We need to fill the halls of Congress with men (and women) who swear and affirm that they will serve only one term (2 years for the House, 6 for the Senate). These “One Termers” will be instructed to spend every minute of their elected terms fixing bad laws and creating good new ones. The “One Termers” receive double the regular pay for the position and they will be forbidden, by law, to accept any contributions, gifts or travel. At the expiration of their terms they will receive no further pay and no further benefits. There would be a regular schedule for each to sit with their constituents and listen to what they have to say.
          The first goal of the One-Termers would be to tackle the problems associated with the mountainous deficit, both short term and long term. They will eliminate earmarks totally. They will eliminate all current deficit spending.
          The “One Termers” will not be permitted to engage in any form of “bad-mouthing” or political denigrating. Any form of insult will cause the removal of the “One Termer” from membership in Congress.
          Members of the “One Termer” group will not favor one party over another. The “One Term” members of Congress will take an oath of their office that they will be non-partisan for their full term and they will disband after their one term, never to run for Congress again. Their time in office is to be devoted to unbiased, correction of our country’s legislation programs and the creation of inventive, realistic legislation for the protection and benefit of America’s citizenry. One term and out.
          It all sounds so unconventional, so unorthodox, so extraordinary.
          Maybe that’s exactly what our government in general and our Congress in particular needs.
          Something different.
          Unless we’re all happy with what’s going on in Washington now.
          Are we?