Christmas, True or False
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 by Frank Shortt
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Reindeer prancing on the roof
Presents under Christmas trees
Bright lights lighting up our homes
Champagne wafting on the breeze.

"Bought my dad some cigarettes
And a bottle of pure mirth,
Bought mom some sweet perfume, to
Celebrate the lowly birth.

Where's the mention of the babe
Born in a stinking stable?
Getting so we cannot tell
What is Truth, what is fable.

Tell our kids of Santa Claus,
Also, about Jesus Christ.
Let them grow up thinking that,
Both are something that is priced.

When they fin'ly realize
Santa Claus is only myth,
Then they have to ask themselves,
Was Christ born the twenty-fifth?

What's wrong with parents saying,
"Here's a gift I bought for you?"
What's the need of middle men,
Causing confusion to brew?

Who's the Giver of all gifts?
Who is the Great Provider?
This I'll let you to decide,
While drinking cups of cider.