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I work for an international news service. I do most of my work on my cell phone and get assignments all over the world.
My new assignment was rather unexpected.
I was on my way to cover a prison escape in Lompoc when my SUV swerved to avoid hitting a stray elk. The last thing I remember is seeing a huge tree trunk.
Then everything went black.
I heard my cell phone chirp and a rather raspy voice telling me that I was to find out what happens in Heaven at Christmastime.
I regained conciousness and was amazed at what I saw.
The landscape was all white and I saw several people walking around.
“Where am I?” I asked the man closest to me.
Why you are in Heaven, he responded.
“Gee” I said.
Welcome to the life beyond. Follow me.
We walked along, almost floating. I saw other people sort of wandering. Some were in groups, others alone.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
Just a minute, I have to send a Christmas present.
He paused and lowered his head.
Okay, lets move on.
“Wait”, I said. “You just sent a Christmas present?”
Sure, it’s the season.
We walked a few hundred feet and came upon a group of men and women. They apparently were conversing but I heard no words. Some were smiling and others nodded. I was perplexed.
“What are they doing?”
They are talking about the birth of Christ and how they will celebrate it. Every year some of us get together and try to send a message to Earth. We want to tell them the real message of Christmas.
“Hold on. Look over there. I see a tree with lights and ornaments. And there is a house with a Santa on the roof.”
Well, we like to emulate the Earth experience so we can remember the distractions we had in life.
The group continued to talk in their silent way. Then one of them held up his hand and they all looked up. They smiled and the group broke up and all went their way.
“What’s going on?”
They have come to an agreement on how they want to have their survivors celebrate Christmas.
“Tell me.” I said.
You already know. The people of Earth have known for two centuries how to celebrate Christmas. You just forget and we have to remind you.
Just then I heard music. I heard Bing Crosby singing White Christmas and Andy Williams singing O Holy Night.
“Can you hear that music?” I asked.
Sure, that’s Bing over there and Andy just passed by.
“But how do the people on Earth get the message of Christmas?”
We use our power of trans-thinking.
You see, when we want to speak to each other or communicate with Earth, we just concentrate on a message and trans-think it. That’s why there is no sound here.
“Gosh, I expected to hear angels playing harps”
Don’t forget you are still human and up here on a visitor’s pass. We can hear things up here that you can’t. Sometimes the music is so good it leaks through and you can hear it. I am a Heaven tour guide and I have powers to “talk” to visitors.
 “OK, what is the message you all are sending to Earth this Christmas?”
Once again, we are sending the message of Peace and Love. We’ve been sending the same message for years but not many people are listening. People on Earth still kill each other over political arguments and they still can’t seem to get together and solve the big issues like poverty and hunger. So we trans-think our appeal that people stop and think how wonderful their lives would be if they just get together and cooperated.
“Why doesn’t God just make that happen?”
He tried that once by sending his Son down but unfortunately not enough people listened. So God decided to turn His attention to other parts of the Universe where people are more receptive.
God hasn’t abandoned Earth but he hopes that you will listen more closely to your inner-souls and solve your problems yourselves.
“I truly hope that will happen and I will take that message back with me. I have many more questions before I go.”
Sorry, your time here has ended. Have a good trip back.
“Wait! Just one more question.”
Too late. I have to go think a book.
Merry Christmas!
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