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        Just ask anybody. There are some beliefs people have in life that are very personal and important to them. Opinions if you will. Three that seem to stand out as being strongly defended whenever the topics come up are religion, politics and sex. Arguments can become heated when these issues come up and there are differences of opinions. Feelings are intense in these sort of debates and even friends can come away from the discussions angry, or intimidated, their blood pressures rising.
        Consider the fact that we are not born with a disposition towards a particular religion. We can choose any means of worship, or even choose not to follow the dogma of any organized religion. Religious attitudes are taught, or sometimes learned from those around us, and we pick out one from the other. Even children have this capacity, to accept or reject the religious teachings of their parents or friends or TV evangelists.
        The same is true of politics. We are not born a Democrat or Republican. As we flounder through life we hear our parents, friends, and the media discuss their views and positions, and from these and other choices, we pick and choose and, as in religion, we are free to change direction at our whims. And children have the same rights and privileges, as in religious feelings, to alter their points of view.
        Religion and politics are subjects we are quite adamant about when pressed by those whose choices are not the same as ours, and we defend our leanings, passionately, but we are free to pick and choose which, if any, direction we want to take. But what about our sex? There are some that believe it is not a cut and dried case with gender or psychological sexual preference. Do people, or children especially, have a choice about the physical endowments they are born with? Or whether they feel like they are a male or female, emotionally as well as physically?
        California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that would force public schools officials to allow both "boys and girls", who are "confused about their sexual identity", to choose which restrooms, locker rooms, showers, clubs and sports teams they want to use or engage in, simply by stating what sex they think they are or would like to be, regardless of what they listed on their school records file. It doesn't take much imagination to visualize the chaos this philosophy will generate in grades K-12 during the school day. How can any reasonable, sane person think that this will not distract from an already less than perfect educational system? At first glance, this bill is insanity at the highest level, or lowest, depending on your perspective. The second glance doesn't change either.
        It's 2:15 in the 12th grade geometry class at a local high school. The class is doing problems in proofs. They're getting restless for the 3:00 bell. From the back of the room, Big Hank Smith, the captain of the football team, standing 6' 1" and weighing 185 lbs, rises from his desk and slowly saunters up to the teacher's desk.
        He asks, "Mr. Ray, I need to go the restroom, okay? " Mr. Ray spins in his chair and reaches in his top drawer and hands a key on a ring to Jim.
        But Jim says, "Not that one, the other one." Mr. Ray is startled and says, "But Jim, that's the right one, see it says 'boys restroom key'."
        But Big Jim, somewhat sheepishly, announces loud enough for the entire class to hear, "Mr. Ray, you gotta understand, I finally realized that my true sexual identity, what I've been feeling all these years, is that I'm really a girl in a boy's body. Know what I'm saying? (The class, in unison, snickers, some louder than others) I know my school file says I'm a boy, but I'm really feeling like I'm a girl. Can I have the girl's restroom key please, I've gotta go. And signups for the girls' softball team are in 20 minutes, and I don't want to miss it."
        Mr. Ray gives Big Jim the key, spins in his chair as the bell rings and the class is dismissed, leaving Mr. Ray to ponder the meaning of life in these United States.
        The bill signed by Governor Brown makes no provision for any refusal to issue a restroom key, or at what point in the school year a student can make a gender choice different from their school files, or whether they can vacillate between the two and how often. Also, where does the parent come into the equation? Does the student or parent have the final say, especially if there is disagreement?
        So now we have men "marrying" men, women "marrying" women; gay priests approved by the Pope; condoms passed out in junior and senior high schools; and first grade and 12th grade boys telling their teacher they want to go use the girls' bathroom, all because they read somewhere that they were "gender identity confused."
        I just wonder where it will all end, or if it will. Will a certain segment of America go all out to whittle away many of the traditional values of our country and its institutions. Will they change or invent new meanings of words so as to further their agenda? Are the events taking place in America, including the total distrust of our government, redefining of what a family is, and the leniency of the justice system, are these and other issues what President Obama meant in speeches he made about hoping to "transform a nation," to "remake the world," and his statement "Change doesn't come from Washington, it comes to Washington?"