Chick-Fil-A to the Rescue
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 by Laramie Boyd
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        A couple years ago I wrote an article about when Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A chicken restaurants spoke out in favor of traditional marriage, and his statements gained national headlines in doing so. Objecting to Mr. Cathy's right to his opinion, liberals and gays tried to get support to boycott the Chick-fil-A restaurants. That move backfired and the eatery had record sales as a result of people who supported Cathy's view on marriage backing him the best way they knew how. The liberal mainstream media failed to report those facts and in addition never mentioned another event involving Chick-fil-A. The recent ice storm in the South found countless motorists stranded on highways in Alabama. One Chick-fil-A outlet responded to the emergency. A store owned by Mark Meadows and run by Audrey Pitt decided to help out and provided hundreds of sandwiches to the people stranded at one location near their store. The restaurant asked for no money, but rather did the kindness as a service to people who were cold and unable to get to their homes on time. You never saw that write up in the national news, did you? I wonder where the agenda of the people condemning the Chick-fil-A chain for expressing their viewpoints crosses the idea of human kindness and the liberal media failing to cover the story in a positive way.
        One disgruntled liberal reader of my article in The Spectator wrote me an e-mail containing every "F" word and vicious name calling aimed at me. And all I did was report what happened. I wonder how many liberals, gays and lesbians feel the same way that that pathetic individual exhibited. I would hope not too many. And I wonder how many want to shut off the income of a family man running an honest business who practices his right to free speech just because it conflicts with their agenda? I hope very few, as that's just downright mean and bitter and spiteful vindictiveness, and there's no way to be proud of that, regardless of your political leanings.