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 by Laramie Boyd
Can You Name the Aria?
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        WOW! It's finally over. The fat lady has sung. (Just an expression that does not in anyway insult or degrade a person who enjoys satisfying their hunger pains slightly in excess of body-health necessity. This cliche is intended only to indicate that a lot of talk and action has gone on in a certain direction about a certain issue, but now the rhetoric is over and the issue has been settled. So forget about complaining that someone or some group is being insulted, okay? Chill out, Mr. Sharpton.)
        The votes are in and now the rabble rousers are at it again. The trouble makers, thugs, and general malcontents are out in the streets "protesting" because "their" candidate didn't win. (Actually, I'll bet many of them didn't even vote. They just want to get out from in front of their TV sets and i-phones at home, and out in front of the media TV sets on the streets, and see what they can rustle up in the way of some kind of confrontation with the establishment. It isn't peaceful protest meant to redress grievances that they want, it's just old-fashion "lookin' for trouble." Let's hope they find it and come out on the short end of the stick. And if judges didn't automatically release those arrested with meaningless fines, it would have a better chance of happening.
        So what kind of situation is the U.S in since The Donald has double crossed all the prognosticators. Since Hillary Clinton has to put away her inaugural gown and plans to take over Washington D.C. with hubby Bill alongside for encouragement. Since Donald has to raise the bet instead of folding. He made a lot of promises that seemed very powerful and, let's say, improbable, during his bombastic campaign. It's crunch time, and I wonder just how many of his platform promises he will face up to and fulfill, without the old "Well, I tried, but Congress cut me off at the pass at every turn." but he can't use that old worn out alibi, of course, as the elephants outnumber the asses in the Congressional smoke-filled secret recesses and conference rooms. Will it play out to be the same old lie-in-the-campaign and then break-all-the-promises-made scenario, that so often has happened in past presidential elections?
        So, let's see. Do we really believe he will build a big wall along the Mexican border that will keep any efforts of that country's citizens from gaining entry into the U.S. illegally? Don't they have tall ladders in Mexico?
Dogs dig holes under fences, so I wonder if hopeful immigrants have shovels also. But maybe the folks who bought property along the border will protest because a wall would cut off their panoramic view of the country across the river. Wall construction could provide jobs however. They could probably hire some of the Mexican citizens, on a temporary visa agreement of course, at a lower hourly rate of pay, if costs get out of hand or U.S. citizens don't want to do hard labor that could reduce their unemployment insurance income. How many workers do you know who will labor in the agricultural fields in the hot sun every day for the wages growers are willing to pay?
        Will it really be good-bye Obamacare (The affordable Care Act)? medical costs are rising and health insurance sources and medical facilities are reacting negatively. Does Trump really have the power to wave a wand and make what was once Obama's legacy disappear? We may find out pronto, as it's high on The Donald's promise list.
        Clamping down on Muslim worshipers entering the country could turn out to be troublesome to Donald. Some Constitutional issues will surely get in the way along that path. Messing with amendments to the Constitution has never been easy. Some pretty hard evidence may be essential to make any move in the direction that "President Trump" wants to take on that issue. (Now that sounds strange: President Trump. I guess we'll get over that, as we did the words "President Barack Hussein Obama").
        The one campaign promise that could certainly be troublesome is that of stopping some large companies from building factories overseas to make products and then selling them in the U.S. to take advantage of the much lower labor costs compared to union wages in the U.S. Will threatening the CEO's with higher taxes of some sort really stop them in the long run from saving on lower wages paid elsewhere? Are the leaders of the American industrial complex willing to go along with Trump's input on how to run a business, how to protect stockholders, and in a just the plain old battle of egos? 
         And finally. Will the President follow through and try "to lock up" Hillary Clinton for her e-mail transgressions? Or will he appease and try to "unify" the nation and political parties in an attempt to get cooperation from across the aisle in getting legislation passed by allowing her to "go free" and so to end the investigation? Does Hillary's history of private e-mail use containing security matters really matter now that she has been silenced at the polls? What would it prove to send a pack of hounds after a crippled prey? The Clinton "dynasty" may have had its "last hurrah", at least for four more years. Many fondly hope so. The loss in this expected-to-win election serves a bitter taste of humility to the Clintons? Will Hillary say, as Arnold Schwarzenegger famously said, and fulfilled his promise. "I'll be back?" My fingers are crossed.
        I wonder if some of the cities across America would be in the same turmoil, with rioting, burning, and destruction of property by the same criminal element of society that always follows a heated, emotional test of the Rule of Law and constitutional rights in the country, if Hillary would have won. Now is the hour for the President of the United States to stand tall and checkmate the hoodlums in the streets of America who are causing the mayhem. Enforce the law, Mr. President. Quit planning your retirement vocations and help heal the country. Do your job! Let's hope Donald Trump will be ready to step in and get a handle on the potential destruction that could occur between now and January 20, 2017. Maybe it isn't over. It's getting serious. Will it take an atomic bomb attack to unite this once great republic in a common cause? This world example of how democracy might work? This country where the world's immigrants flock to in search of the American dream? Let's all join hands and say GOD BLESS AMERICA.