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 by Laramie Boyd
Can You Believe It?
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In your opinion, what was, is, or will be, the most miraculous, maybe hard to believe, or even imagine, event or idea to ever occur? Have you ever mulled over any of these and wondered? Is it true? Can it be truer? -There is a human-like God figure somewhere, who created the Universe billions of years ago, or maybe more recently, out of nothing, who is overlooking the affairs of the Earth, and who established certain rules to be followed in order for humans to have a "life" after death in some unknown location Christians call Heaven, where there is peace and serenity and joy.

- There is a "place" where some people go, when they die, called Hell by some, unlike Heaven, where there is fire and damnation and some kind of torture. A bad place to end up.
- Humans have visited and walked on the Moon.
- All matter is made up of microscopically tiny structures called atoms, including all plants and animals. And these atoms contain yet smaller structures, and no "smallest" structure that does not contain other smaller structures can be found.
- The Colorado River, over millions of years, dug out the Grand Canyon.
- There are other life-forms, possibly like earthlings, elsewhere in the Universe, on other planet-like places.
- The Universe is infinitely large, with no end to the distance space reaches out, and no end to the number of stars and planets.
- Someday the Sun will die out and the Earth will no longer exist, millions of years from now.
There are certainly other ideas or events that could be listed, as different people view different things as hard to imagine or believe.
I'll tell you what I believe is just as hard to believe as any notion listed above. And that is that I am sitting here at my keyboard, alive, on the planet Earth, which is floating around in space, and I have lived and will die, like millions of other humans. That I have a memory, can think and communicate with other humans, and contemplate such ideas. And generations of others will likewise follow suit. What could be stranger or more miraculous than that?
Oh, and some other scenarios, that might be just as hard to believe.
- The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama will be how great Obamacare, his immigration policies, and his lax attitudes toward protest riots were. - That his real legacy will not be that he was the first black man elected president of the United States.
- And Hillary Clinton, and her assistant Bill, would have been a better choice as president than Donald Trump.
- Maybe Liberals will start to show respect for the office of President of the United States of America.
- The media will begin a program of reporting bi-partisan news events rather than spouting biased editorialized opinions.
- Fox News will be the liberals' most popular TV program.
- Conservatives will use their majority in both houses of Congress to pass record-breaking bipartisan bills that Make America Great Again.
- The computerized internet will be proven to be the deadliest invention of man, more deadly even than the atomic bomb. And the hacking and invasion of privacy has just begun.