Cancel the "Freedom of Information Act"
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 by Jon Burras
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     Another day, another riot. Another day, another protest. Another day, another mob group forming attacking innocent people. To some this is a sign that our open society and democratic system is working.  Every time you have an uprising, riot or violent protest in America these days it is because of an event like a police shooting or a decision made in government.

    While activism might sound like a worthwhile component of a free society, in most cases these movements are based on false narratives derived from a ten second video clip that only tells a partial story. Information gathered either in video, still pictures or words is being used to ignite bonfires of emotion. Do you really believe what your eyes tell you? How often has someone seen a UFO and it turned out to be a weather balloon? Have you ever heard of a mirage? Are you trusting your eyes in this instance as well? How many people have their eyes fool them while watching a magician onstage performing his magic acts?

     Most of the information that has set America on fire these last few years has come to the public and the media by way of the Freedom of Information Act signed into law in 1966 by a naive group of congressman. This law grants access by anyone (general public, media, lawyers etc.) to government videos, pictures and documents within twenty-four hours of their gathering. Unless a government file is "sealed" all documents and videos have to be turned over to anyone making a request.

    In a perfect world that is fine. Where unicorns' farts smell like lavender and butterflies leave gold dust on your pillow, you might say that scenario is a wonderful thing. Members of the public and the media can act as a neutral arbitrator to keep the government honest. Third party groups can use this government data (federal, state or local) to monitor how the government is doing. It is a way of fact checking government activity. Some say it is a way for the people to ensure that the government is being honest.

     But it is not a perfect world and this one law is the root of most of our political strife these days. The media are not neutral observers and do not act fairly. In today's world the media are just another extension of a political party, (like college professors, athletes and Hollywood entertainers). There is no neutrality. The corruption and degradation of the media has led to an arms war using government data. Media personnel are biased, ignorant and often mean. There is no common sense and neutrality is as foreign as the location of the lost arc of the covenant.

    For instance, a major news network will acquire a ten second video of a police shooting that happened just hours before. The media outlet will not be fair and balanced but will instead use that video to promote their agenda (anti-police, racism, class warfare etc.) for their own profits. These media outlets intentionally stir up crowds, insight violence and create false narratives from this information. After engaging in all of this agitation there is no recourse or punishment of the media outlet.

    The media believes that it sits in the chair of being the arbitrator of truth. They will spill their propaganda out using government data as their weapons. They will lack many of the facts and many times make up their own facts. It is only the sensationalized part that they wish to present. They will not wait patiently for complete investigations and hearings where all of the evidence is presented. Instead they will draw conclusions based on hysteria and political agendas. They shoot first and ask questions (many times not) later. If the story does not fit their agenda they quickly move on to something else. They almost never apologize when they are wrong (which is frequently).

     In order to recover sanity in America we need to eliminate the Freedom of Information Act. Information from police body cams, dash cams and other documents should never be released to the public, especially the media. Government agencies should have time to complete a thorough investigation of events that happen, come to a conclusion and then release the conclusion to the press. Right now media outlets are nothing more than riot inciters as they use this government information to promote their own agenda.

     The Freedom of Information Act was one of the most ill-conceived ideas ever passed through Congress. The media should never be thought of as a watch-dog group. They are mostly biased, ill informed and always have an agenda. We are in a crisis in America of telling the truth. Most people have an illusion that the media is the bearer of the truth. Sadly, they are mistaken. When you allow the media to have  free access to government videos and data you will never get the truth. You will continue to get partial stories, propaganda and lies.

     There is no freedom in the Freedom of Information Act. We are all suffering because of this ill-fated idea. If you want real change in America, eliminate this insidious law.