Calloused Mankind
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 by Frank Shortt
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How deep into depravity can mankind stoop before a greater hand than ours intervenes?

Before the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, S.F. had become the center of depravity. Mob bosses controlled the political scene. As far as stimulants, an 'anything goes' atmosphere existed. Chaos reigned as mankind killed and maimed other mankind at the drop of a hat. Saloons and houses of ill-repute were the busiest places in the city! What could be done?

On April 18, 1906, San Francisco was shaken by a massive earthquake. The quake, lasting only about a minute, left 3,000 people dead, many injured, and left 400,000 residents homeless! Since then, how many deadly earthquakes, Tsunamis, tidal waves, fires, bombs, massacres, etc. have resulted in countless deaths and total destruction of cities throughout the world.

Now we have the greatest threat of all, NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, looming over our heads. At any given moment any insignificant country could push a button, bringing destruction to the total planet as we know it! North Korea threatens! Iran threatens! Russia, the largest arsenal of nuclear power, threatens to unleash their death and destruction unless their demands are met! Russia just released a new hypersonic nuclear missile! Nuclear blackmail is the accepted trend!

What is holding this massive destruction off the earth? Thank God, there are still a few right-thinking people who care for all the other humanity! There are a few who go out of their ways to help a neighbor. There are a few who greet each other on the streets without regard to race, creed, politics, and religion. It is mostly young students of our country who are showing compassion for their fellow humans!

If most media is to be believed, this age is the most notorious age for hatred, greed, jealousy, and all the other bad attributes that can be heaped upon mankind! Actually, things travel in a circle. A great man once said, "Is there anything whereof it may be said, this is new? It has been already another time, which was before us. That which has been is now; and that which is to be has already been!" It is just that civilizations come and civilizations go as they bury themselves under the filth of their own lackluster and careless ways. The most depraved cities are so far buried under the silt of seas that mankind will never find a trace of them.

How men of twisted minds can see the 'handwriting on the wall', as far as imminent destruction is concerned, and still walk around thinking that they are the only ones on the planet, is a total mystery to me! Some walk around thinking that they are exempt from destruction when what they do and say exudes hatred, malice, jealousy, and division! Is the money they make from sensationalism more important than their well- being, as well as, the well-being of others?

Has mankind become so calloused that nothing can penetrate their one-tract minds? If so, then we are in a Hitler-like state. It has been said of Hitler that he would not listen, to even his close advisers, after his power was established. He went on to murder the ones that he felt stood in his way of supreme power! He feared that one great race of people was in far too much control of the wealth of Germany, so, he tried to annihilate them! He became so self-possessed that nothing could penetrate his egoistic brain. This is reminiscent of the many stories written of dictator-like leaders down through the centuries, eg. Napoleon, Alexander the Great, etc.!

It has been said that there are three things that will undo great men: Money, Popularity, and womanizing! History has proven this over and over! It has also been said that mankind will not have to be destroyed by a supernatural power, he will do it himself because of his penchant for inventing weapons of mass destruction!