Broth From the Chicken's Shadow
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 by Frank Shortt
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Is anyone an avid believer in anything today? Would anyone be willing to stake their lives on their beliefs? Taking a look back through history will reveal a lot to us about people’s beliefs.

There are several organizations throughout the land that proclaim a belief in a Supreme Being. Trouble is, they never mention who this Supreme Being is. What is this Supreme Being’s Name? What does this Being really stand for? Is it an actual Being or merely a blend of several entities? Do they really believe in this Supreme Being? We may never know the answer to these questions!

Abraham Lincoln took two flatboat trips down the Mississippi River to Louisiana eventually landing in New Orleans. This is where he witnessed firsthand the selling and trading of human beings just as one would trade or sell an automobile today. It has been said that he declared, concerning this trading, “I will stop this if it costs me my life!” Later as President of the United States he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all men from slavery in the USA. His Gettysburg address declares that “all men are created equal” repeating the Declaration of Independence. Lincoln believed in the cause of what he was trying to achieve. He was killed for those thoughts that were put on paper and backed up by sending men to fight for the cause. “Greater love has no man than that he would lay down his life for his friends!” KJV

Men throughout history have given their lives for causes that they believed in. They have faced the oncoming enemy, even with only makeshift weapons to defend themselves. In the heat of battle they have jumped atop moving tanks and faced the oncoming storm to protect the cause that they believed in. This behavior has never stopped up to this present hour. Men are hazarding their lives, some not willingly, but nevertheless, still fighting for causes that they believe in. A believer is what one wants as a companion!

Then we can look at the other side of the picture at those who said they believed in a cause but did not really embrace the cause. In most every group there are believers, make-believers, and unbelievers. The believer will continue forward no matter the danger, no matter the odds, and no matter their physical condition. The make-believerwill hang on until the last minute thinking that therein lays a personal reward. Such was Benedict Arnold. He served the side that he felt would benefit him most during the American Revolutionary War. He was simply a make-believer. The unbeliever will wait around long enough to see if the views being presented are in line with their views. When the opposite is proven, the unbeliever flees the scene.

Yes, it is very easy in the heat of a discussion to declare belief in what is being said. It is easy to sit on a ‘flowery bed of ease’ and declare anything. What happens when the persecution begins? What happens when the bullets begin flying? As opposition increases, it becomes more and more difficult to stay loyal to a cause.

More and more it is being said that “We are protecting the Constitution of the United States of America!” Is this really so? How can two political parties with such conflicting views be protecting the same document?  Is a political office one that protects all people, or does that office only protect the ones who support and believe in them? Confusion sets in when creeds are declared! This is true of politics, religion, ethnicity, and just about any subject that arises! We have become a Nation divided by simple meanings of words. A word that does not live is a dead letter! Does believing in a cause strongly require one to fabricate, refer to what someone else said, or should believing in a cause require each of us to only tell the truth? Is our beliefs only “a broth made from the shadow of a chicken” or is our beliefs based upon strong meat that will provide the vitamins and minerals required for strong bones and some sticktuitiveness? Oh, America, how can we get back to being one?