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          They found Chelsea King today. She went out to jog a few days ago and never returned.
          They found Chelsea King today. Someone killed her and buried her in a shallow grave near the lake.
          Tonight there was a memorial service for Chelsea. Thousands of her school mates, friends, family and citizens who met her only through the television news of her disappearance, all gathered on the grounds of St. Michael’s Church in Poway.
          Scores came wearing “Missing – Chelsea King,” shirts with a photo of Chelsea between the “Missing” and the “Chelsea King.”
          After a few words of thanks from Chelsea’s father the thousands who had come together carried candles and raised them over their heads as a sign of respect to Chelsea’s family and to Chelsea’s memory.
          A minister played Chelsea’s favorite song and again the thousands raised their candles towards the moonlit sky. Then there was silence.
          All the television stations were there. They interviewed Chelsea’s family and a handful of her friends.
          Then again - silence.
          The heartfelt sobbing that comes only with death ran through the assemblage.
          Chelsea’s friends cried, her family cried and those who knew her only through the television news reports cried. Mothers hugged their daughters a bit tighter than usual, thankful that they were safe and close to them. Fathers put their arms around their wives and daughters, thankful that they were safe. School chums hugged each other and sobbed loudly.
          My own daughter was there, carrying a candle. She didn’t see her father cry, but he did. He cried because Chelsea was gone – he cried because his wife and daughter were there with him. Safe and close.
          Up the street, kids from the Church of Latter Day Saints were lined up on Pomerado Road. They carried signs that expressed their sorrow. They carried candles too. Moonlight shone on their soulful faces.
          There were hundreds wearing the other shirts, the ones that had these words on them – “Bring Chelsea Home.”
          Perhaps Chelsea is home. The thousands who were together tonight are praying she is.
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