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 by Laramie Boyd
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     I was thinking. All I hear and read about these days, in the political arena, is how ignorant, uncivilized, and unqualified the current president of the United States is showing himself to be. Statements like how he's ruining our relations with our allies, placing America on the brink of war, treating his own cabinet in a here-today-gone-tomorrow swinging door hiring and firing fashion. Even infidelity has been brought up along with committing all sorts of other vile, un-presidential behavior. And then it occurred to me that the situation will be remedied by simply finding an intelligent, honest, hard working candidate in 2020 who sincerely has the best interests of America and of the citizens of this country as their top priority. Someone who would not lie, not simply fill their personal bank account during their tenure, and who takes being president seriously and wouldn't decide the merit of the grave issues facing the country based on which party platform the idea supported. Rather they would seek a solution to a problem that seemed to be the right thing to do. I say let's find a person with character and values, and it wouldn't matter whether a man or a woman fit the bill. Or their ethnicity. Or which political party they represented. Or their religion.
     After a while I thought to myself, do I know anyone like that? I would ask the proponents of dissatisfaction if they do. Surely they wouldn't want want another like Obama, either one of the Clintons, maybe Nancy Pelosi, or Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? Or Joe Biden? The credentials of these naysayers are too well known by now. Then I began to shudder in fear.
     Are these the sort of people, or any with like philosophies, whose values and actions are the kind that the critics are suggesting would make America great again, even if a second time around? Come on Liberals, pick somebody from your stable who meets the criteria given above. Bet you can't. But you must have someone in mind, since you surely disapprove of the one in office now. Or do you just like sitting on the sidelines, yelling obscene remarks, true or not, but attention getting. After all election time is approaching. I say put up or shut up.
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