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 by Laramie Boyd
Believe It or Not
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       Is it illegal to fire a less qualified minority employee based solely on their ethnicity as opposed to firing a white qualified employee, but legal to hire a less qualified minority over a qualified white person based solely on their ethnicity?
       How about this? Do minors need a parent's signature to go on a field trip, but not to get an abortion?
       Do you need to show an ID to board an airplane or cash a check or buy liquor, but not to vote for who runs the country?
       Does the government want to control law-abiding citizens from owning guns and ammunition, but okays giving F-16 fighter planes, with mass destruction and murder potential, to foreign countries?
       In one large U.S. city, can you buy two 16-ounce sodas but not one 24-ounce soda, because the larger size is fattening?
       In an airport, can an 80-year old woman or a three-year-old child be strip searched, but not a woman wearing a burka or a hijab?
       Does the government say they want to eradicate the trillions of dollars of debt, then turn around and spend trillions of dollars more that they don't have?
       Can a seven-year-old boy be kicked out of a class for saying the teacher is cute, while a sexual exploration film is being shown to the elementary school class?
       Does the government want more taxes from hard working, gainfully employed citizens, while those not working are given food stamps, welfare checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, etc?
       While you pay your home mortgage and other bills faithfully, often denying yourself the latest in home appliances or electronic communication items or on travel, does the government forgive your neighbor's debts when he defaults on i-phones, plasma TVs and new cars?
       Would an upstanding citizen be arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, while a foreigner entering the country illegally would not be?
       Does the government give out unemployment insurance checks to the unemployed while not checking to see if they are faithfully looking for work? 
       Some of these are questions are asked on the web by one Jeff Foxworthy. Oh well, I guess if life was fair, the horse would ride the cowboy half the time, according to author Ben Goode. Should we make the mistake of believing that the candidates currently running for the presidency of the United States would do the things they are promising they will do? Would they try to change the outlandish practices listed above, or any other unpopular law? Or are they merely mouthing rote cliches, in hopes that some citizens will be swayed to vote for them in their effort to get on the government gravy train offered the elected representatives at the expense of the hard working citizens? Can we believe anything they say?   The answers are, in order, no, no, yes, no.