Ban our flag, Never!
Biff Carlyle
           Letís get something straight from the onset. One of the things that made this country great was the influx of people from other lands. Throughout our nationís history our immigrants have brought vitality to our shores. In most cases these people came with little or nothing, worked hard and emerged living the ďAmerican Dream.Ē
          The Irish, Germans, Jews, Italians, Chinese, Japanese and others came to America and soon after their arrivals they began working, doing the jobs that Americans didnít want to do. These newcomers to our shores overcame the animosity directed towards them by the immigrants who came before them. They worked hard and strived to become good Americans. They studied to become good Americans. They followed the laws set before them. Right hand raised, left hand on the bible, they swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. They became Americans. By doing so they added drive, vigor and a potency to our national backbone. We were all Americans.
          Our grandparents, our great grandparents and beyond came to our shores and dreamed of becoming citizens of this great land. Our laws became their laws. The key particular is that these people from other lands may have wanted to keep many of the customs and practices of their native lands, but they also wanted to become American citizens. A desire burned in their hearts to become American citizens. Americans. They didnít want to change America into their old country. They wanted to become part of America. They wanted their children to be citizens. They respected this new land.
          Times have changed.
          Among the hordes of immigrants who now cross our borders there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, whose goal it is to transmute the United States into an adjunct of the very lands from which they flee. They are leaving their wretched homelands, some arriving as did their forbearers, legally and honestly, others by stealth and dishonesty. And by the millions they come to reap ďU.S. Citizen BenefitsĒ without becoming U.S. Citizens.
          Many come to take advantage of the generosity of Americans. By the millions these illegal aliens arrive, and in many cases receive benefits that were adjudicated specifically for American citizens. The coffers of America opened as they have since the formation of the republic. We offer a variety of ďU.S. Citizen BenefitsĒ to people who do not qualify for inclusion in that group. Millions of illegal immigrants receive medical care above and beyond what a U.S. citizen would receive. Hundreds of thousands work and receive monetary rewards without paying into the Social Security system.
          As I mentioned above, I believe that the energy that immigrants bring to our country energizes all of us. Now we hear that there are immigrants who object to the placement of the American flag in their public schoolís classrooms. They want their homeland flags to fly there. There are those that want traffic signs to be made in their native languages. They want students in certain schools to be taught in their homelandís language.
          How far we have strayed from the days of the immigrantsí arrival at Ellis Island. When our grandparents and great grandparents felt fortunate to be in this new land, where they could find jobs and freedom and live the American dream and then become Americans.
          The country grew stronger because of them. They became Americans, U.S. citizens. They proudly displayed the American flag.
          Now, we find groups of immigrants who want the American flag banned from their schools. They want their national flags replacing the American flag.
          Imagine. They want the American flag banned, it makes them uncomfortable.
          Iím beginning to feel uncomfortable.
          Ban our flag. Never!