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 by Frank Shortt
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The next presidential election, if there is one, is turning into a circus! Statements are made in one debate to be refuted in the next debate.

In one debate, a candidate says he liked the interaction with the far right members of congress when he was a senator. The next debate, after being challenged by one of the other candidates, he changes his mind and says "well, I had to enjoy what I was doing, so I made the best of it!"

If either party has their way, there will not be a candidate left with enough credibility to run for dogcatcher! What used to sound like sober truth, is now a "clanging cymbal and a sounding brass!" Candidates are dropping off like dead flies as each inserts 'the foot in the mouth' on the issues that arise. Most of these issues are the figments of the particular candidate's imagination. As soon as a candidate makes a wonderful 'new' proclamation, that candidate has to backpedal next time and say what the majority of their constituents are saying! As a result, the candidates become fewer and fewer as there are no financial backers for their outlandish promises!

These are some of the promises being made by presidential candidates:

-We will make America great again!
My reply: "After the barn door is left open how could anyone insure, positively that is, that all the animals will return safely to the barn?"

-Medicare for all!
My reply: "This has been tried by country after country. These countries end up not even being self-sufficient because of the tremendous strain on the government's finances!" The only thing that has kept our medical system alive through the years is that medical benefits have been negotiated with employers to foot the bill of most or part of the medical benefits! If this is cut out by replacing it with Medicare for all it would place the burden squarely on the shoulders of the middle class taxpayer!

Income Inequality!
My reply: Yes, there is an "income inequality" in America. There has never been a time in history when the street sweeper would make as much money as the head of a corporation. Will the highest incomes be taxed fairly in the next election? Not on your life, Mr. Candidate, or Ms. Candidate! As soon as the rich cut off their support, who will support you?"

College should be free!
My reply: "Why this sudden push for college degrees in the first place? Who said that we all need college degrees in order to have food, clothing and shelter? Whatever happened to 'working one's way up in life'? I was taught by all my instructors through life that hard work and perseverance was the key to success. My uncle could barely write his name but somehow managed to be a large estate holder in the Washington, D.C. area. He finally went to school in his seventies and earned his high school diploma. Yes, high technology requires someone who is knowledgeable in the particular field, but there are plenty of jobs around that requires just plain common sense and know-how! Whatever happened to all the nice Trade Schools?"

Government Should support everyone!
My reply: Whatever happened to a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people? Isn't it time that we all began to pull our fair share of the load instead of becoming dependent on the poor, over-burdened middle class in America?

Remember, this is only my opinion, and so far, I have the right in Free America to express my opinion!