A Wrong Choice
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by John Nippolt
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He was not going to take the vaccine; he didn't agree with the mandate, which he construed a political ruse containing no valid connectivity to a disease running rampant throughout the world. On Thursday, August 19th 2021, he tested positive for Covid.

He was adamant about keeping it low key, not wanting to alarm friends after the diagnosis; it was just the damn flu and he would tough it out at home under a self-imposed quarantine. Close friends living nearby gave a helping hand, bringing food and other needed supplies. The virus proceeded to incubate in him for two weeks.

Over and over again we hear from those who will not join the effort to diminish this plague. Simple statements: Don't trust the vaccine. It will change your DNA. Microchips are being inserted into your body. Time-lapse ingredients in the vaccine will kill you. Alien sperm is in the vaccine!

A multitude of reasons, excuses, and unsubstantiated public opinion publicized by a political media which would rather cause inconsistency, refute science and healthy common sense. Rhetoric such as "my freedom to" or "my right to," are turning public opinion into conspiracy theories that defy logic. An alternate universe of lies and deceit drastically reduce the effort to end the surging death toll.

On Aug 31st, 2021, I learned he was admitted to Castle Hospital on Oahu, just a mile from his Kailua residence. Following a most wicked and destructive attempt to cure himself on his own, he determined he was really sick and knew he had to seek medical help. I texted him saying I knew he was in the hospital and in dire straits. I asked if there was anything he wanted from me or that I could possibly do for him. He told me, "Yeah, you can shoot me because nobody in here will. This is awful" Those were his last words to me.

It was only a week and a half before one of his lungs collapsed, the other just days later. An emergency tracheotomy would not save him. He would die in a matter of days with no one there by his side, no one he knew to hold his hand, to say goodbye, to give him the love he so deserved.

All because he refused to be vaccinated.