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        It is believed by some that laws are made to be broken. Whether that means that the wording of certain laws that would not leave any room for misunderstanding or confusion is sometimes nearly impossible, or that lawmakers make laws that they know people will break, regardless, or maybe it means both, I'm not sure. Maybe laws were invented by powerful people to justify their positions in government that allow them to legalize the many financial and other advantages afforded them by being able to make laws in the first place? Who really knows? To naively suppose that laws were instigated to protect the welfare of citizens might be a result of some misplaced confidence in ruling legislatures.
        We all have had experiences where laws were not uniformly enforced, or even enforced at all. News outlets daily report examples of such events. The Daily Sun, in Palm Springs, California reports two such examples. It seems Palm Springs levies a 10% tax on marijuana sales in legal pot shops, but a 15% tax on illegal shops. Known illegal pot shops can continue to do business, but at a cost of higher taxes? Are taxes are now an enforcement policy? Is this an open admission by Palm Springs that they support violating laws if they receive reimbursement for such action?
        One editorial writer wondered if this situation was akin to the law that says it is illegal to enter the United States without the proper documentation, while at the same time, the current administration allows whatever the U.S. can do to make a person who entered illegally comfortable, including health care, a driver's license, education, and welfare. Does anyone really believe that President Obama's promised by-year-end executive order, that will give 11 or 12 million illegal entrants his widely unpopular idea of an opportunity to gain citizenship, will solve the immigration problem?
        And just exactly what is the problem? Is it that Obama threatens to push through a possibly temporary law overriding Congress's responsibility to make laws, not his? Temporary perhaps if the republicans win in 2016. Or is it that the immigrants at the borders are getting benefits that many Americans don't get? Or that it's just insane to have the current law on the books that the top level of government makes no effort to enforce? Or is it that no president as far back as Ronald Reagan, Republican or Democrat, has made any real effort to close our borders? Is it that our country is made up of millions of citizens whose forebears were immigrants? Maybe it's the current administration's posture of little or no accountability. Is there such a law that will address all of these concerns, that will satisfy most Americans?
        Recall that Nero nonchalantly "fiddled" while Rome burned to the ground. Is President Obama disrespectfully chewing gum now while being made a target of ridicule in China. In The American President movie, Michael Douglas said it best. "Being President is all about character."