Awaiting Her Moment
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 by Frank Shortt
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Surrounding her are thousands of sulphuric emanations. For many years she has been restrained from spewing yellow, gold, and orange, although she has painted the surrounding countryside with her watery, chemical laden paintbrush.

Who knows what danger lurks within her bowels? Is she overdue to blow her top? She is part of the Cascade Range and is located in the Shasta Cascade region of Northern California. She rises 2,000 feet above the surrounding terrain. A powerful explosion resounded in the area in 1915, the most powerful of eruptions beginning in 1914 and ending in 1917. She and Mt. Saint Helens are the only two volcanoes which have erupted in the contiguous United States during the 20th Century.

Today, she is known as Mt. Lassen and was named for Peter Lassen who was a guide for immigrants passing this peak to the Sacramento Valley during the 1830s. The name, Fire Mountain, was given to her by the Native American tribes in the region, for obvious reasons. These tribes consisted of the Maidu, Atsugewi, The Yana, and the Yahi. As she growls, belches, spews and shakes, scientists continue to predict that she has a huge explosion cupped within her.

Oh majestic, glorious mystery that hides the true nature of her being, how similar is manís uncertainty of this wondrous, fickle vista we behold. It could be days, weeks, months, possibly hundreds of years until she decides the time or season she will perform. We humans wait patiently, sometimes with fearful anxiety, a lively display of her vicious demonstration.

It is said that when Lassen explodes, it will exceed the fury of Mt. Vesuvius. It is difficult to determine, by any human, how devastating this display of nature could be.

How many Lassenís are hiding their true nature by blending in with the local populace, awaiting the moment to display their true nature? France experienced it recently. San Bernardino experienced it a little later. What could be behind all these demonstrations of manís instability? Could there be a greater Force, who has determined, that He is tired of mankindís inhumanity to man. Will there be, at some point, an emersion of Spiritual and Natural Forces that will destroy life as we know it today and begin a new Creation that will far exceed anything that the present one could even dream of being?

This is something to ponder as we enter the New Year. They have tried politics to try and get all men together. They have tried religion to try and get all men together. Thousands of tomes of ethics have been written to try to get all men to agree. After all else has failed, why donít we try a little love of humanity instead of lavishing it on lesser creations?