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          Does it seem to you like the President has been working day and night to find some way out of the economic mess America is in? Isn't this what he should be doing right now, every day, at full speed ahead? Has he been burning the midnight oil towards that end, or, as the newspapers report, is he out dawdling and stomping for money to run his next campaign? How can he do that at this moment in time? Or is he waiting for Congress to pass new laws aimed at economic relief? Lots of luck if that's the case. Or is he waiting until just before November, 2012, to introduce some last minute legislation to sway some voters into thinking he has the answers to what's troubling the U.S?  Does the President really believe there are more important issues, issues that need his attention right now, than lowering the national debt and getting people back to work, and helping to prevent another, deeper recession that some analysts are predicting might be just around the corner? Just what is he doing in this very serious time in our history? Is this really a good time for partisan stalling and maneuvering in order to gain votes? I don't believe the President has any idea how to get us out of the mess we seem to be in, and I sometimes wonder if he really cares, and those are  scary thoughts.

        I wonder if what we need right now is someone who can lead a movement to get the Government of the United States to "get the lead out" and start working together to solve some of our problems. The Congress and even the President seem to be more interested in their health plans, retirement paychecks, car allowances, staff aides, speaking politically correct, and most of all not alienating voters during election years, than they are in passing responsible legislation that serves the best interests of the country and not just their particular party line. They seem to be willing to vote no on a program just because it was initiated by someone other than a member of their party, and that's not responsible government, by anybody's standard. It's getting to the point where members of Congress have one goal, besides getting reelected, and that's not letting the opponent party make any headway towards solving any or all problems that need solving. They seem to vote no, not because it's a bad idea, but because it's an idea offered by the opposition. They seem to see the opposition as "the enemy", rather than a group that they should be working with to foster better government. And I for one am sick and tired of this kind of representation in Washington. We need a closer who knows how to get things done that need to be done. Is there anyone out there like that?

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