Atilla the Hun Strikes Again
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 by Frank Shortt
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If an individual ran their checkbook the way the Federal Government runs their finances, no checkbook would ever balance! We would each have to borrow money to be paid back, who knows when, in order to live or, especially, to own any personal property. The waste I saw while in the U.S. Military tells the whole story of why our country is broke and depending on borrowing money to make ends meet, ever increasing each year!

This used to be a country where the individual who worked hard could have plenty of living money, as well as, some money for a rainy day! This is not being encouraged anymore. Most of the money is being made by large corporations who treat their employees like puppets with constant threats over their heads if they do not produce to their standards. Some people I know are required to work 10 hours a day without breaks and barely time to eat their lunch. If they do not produce according to the company standards they can be let go for any reason the company decides. Have workers become indentured servants to a tyrant who knows no mercy?

Back in 1963, Lifeline, a watchdog of the Federal Government, decreed that we were already spending money that taxes forty years from then would have to be collected. This tells us that the government was already in over their heads at that time. Since the national debt has increased into the trillions since then, who knows how many years it will be before we are able to balance the books in the USA? Congress speaks of 10 trillion as if it were only about one dollar! Are there, in fact, those who are bound and determined to break this country to their will? Is it following along with the Roman Empire when Atilla the Hun was pounding at the walls of their civilization? We know what happened to the Roman Empire that was the greatest power at that time in history! But did it really fall? Or, was it resurrected, and became an even greater power than ever, as they saw the opportunity to gain more power and authority under the guise of a religious organization? Each succeeding organization, whether it is of a religious nature or a Government for the people, of the people, and by the people, copied the original one set up by the original!  How did it come about that the organizations wielding the most power in the USA do not even have to pay taxes? They can just keep raking in the dough as long as they have a little religious tax exemption!  It has been likened to joining a gym. The one who exercises pays the gym to use their facilities but it turns out that the exerciser not only foots the bill but ends up having to do all the work!

Why is it that the Government of the United States sent out stimulus checks to each of us of a certain income bracket and then required us to pay the money back because it put us into a higher tax bracket? It would be interesting to see the truth of the whole matter! Who is the Atilla the Hun that is pounding at the walls of our democracy in the USA? Is the proverbial “Handwriting on the Wall” for the place we call the greatest economy in the world?

It will be very interesting to see how the latest fiasco in Washington DC plays out. The Democrats are being pushed by President Biden to pass a 3.5 trillion infrastructure bill that threatens to put us in such financial straits that we will never, in the lifetime of any young person, see a reckoning come about! Our great, great, great, great, grandchildren will be paying on this thing when they are old with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel! What is the power behind these congresspersons pushing them to want to put the USA in such straits and only to please the President? Why is it so important for the President to get all this money in circulation that will never in many lifetimes be paid back to the one who loaned it? Can we rely on a faltering economy one that could go either way at the drop of a hat? Will the Government keep printing the worthless pieces of paper called currency? Individuals are at the mercy of those who would saddle them with an impossible load! Who is behind our Government pushing to put us in such a great financial strait?