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A stinking mess!
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        In 2010 the collection of the most prudent, fairest and honest of all our citizens – the members of our Supreme Court, decided that the new law of the land will be called “Citizens United.” The Court’s combined wisdom of the Justices avowed that from that day on unlimited campaign spending by independent groups will be permitted.
        Among other things, the passage of “Citizens United” continued our country’s cycle of corruption and negativity. It also widened the gap between rich Americans and the rest of us.
        Thanks to the passage of “Citizens United” lobbyists and big corporate donors can spend unlimited millions on getting their favorite politicians and legislation firmly in their grasps, doing their bidding and passing favorable (to them) laws and rules.
        It’s time to do whatever it will take to remove “Citizens United” from our list of nation-wide laws, guidelines and rules.
        Let us remove this permissive windfall to the rich and powerful and return some semblance of fairness and equality to our method of election of citizens to represent us.
        Instead, in each city and county and in nationwide elections offer free, to all (legal) candidates a specific time to appear on a voting network. The network will be financed and operated by honest, non-partisan appointed representative with specific rules and guidelines to follow without exception.
        Nationwide, each legitimate candidate will be offered equal time to appear on television (and possibly radio). All candidates will be given their air time free of charge. All candidates will be offered the exact same total time in front of the microphone and cameras. No one candidate will be allowed one second more air time than another. The same questions will be asked of each candidate in the same manner. A limited amount of specialized advertising will be allowed (lawn signs, etc.). Each candidate will be given an identical budget for miscellaneous promotion and advertising.
        Great concentrations of wealth permits the elected representatives to wield tremendous outsized political power in the hands of the few.  Governments create rules that favor the wealthy and powerful.
        The United States (supposedly) has a representative form of government.  One of the reasons for the representative form is that it protects the rights of minorities from the tyranny of a majority.  Instead we can create a tyranny of the wealthy and powerful.
        It's time for this nation to force our politicians and representatives to take their hands out of the pockets of the rich and powerful and stand u[ and be elected by the virtue of their beliefs and honesty.