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 by Laramie Boyd
Are You Kidding Me?
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        Is this really possible? God help us if a Clinton/Whoever duo takes over as the Commander(s)-in Chief of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard forces. It's like a bad dream. I can see it now. After another terrorist attack on the U.S. mainland, "What shall we do, commander?" someone asks Madam President, and she firmly pontificates, "I'll see that justice is carried out, believe you me", just as Colin Powell announced after the 9/11 massacre, instead of assuring the American people that the terrorists who planned that attack on the United States that day would rue the day they were born. Justice? What kind of justice was General Powell talking about? Will Madam President, and her concurring Vice-president, or confidant Bill Clinton, shout "Read them their rights? Don't violate their civil rights during interrogation, no water-boarding, and be nice, as America follows the Rule of Law."
        What is this justice those who want to use kid gloves on terrorist attackers are talking about? Whose justice? Justice for the accused only? Justice is in the eyes of the beholders, different in every court room. Who metes out this justice, the courts? Good luck. Should terrorists who attack the United States have the same rights as citizens have anyway? Lord help us if they do. "Excuse me, Sir, (who just killed or maimed American men, women and children in a terrorist attack), would you put your hands behind your back, please, ......you have a right to an attorney and ....." Is that the kind of justice we want to see in the coming years, with North Korea making atomic bombs, terrorists attacking cities all over the globe, and the United States decreasing its Armed Forces manpower and defense capabilities thanks to Barack Obama's reduction in military arms and manpower across the board. Not to mention the rioting minorities in cities across the land, seeking their own brand of "justice", and the widespread lack of law enforcement during these shows of violence, and Barack Obama reacting by what appears to be suspiciously close to approval of the rioting. Just watch the TV reruns of the spectacle. And, the president silently "fiddles", dreaming I suppose, of owning some National Football League franchise, or else playing a round of golf at some Donald Trump private course. And Obama is out campaigning now for Hillary Clinton. Now that's spooky
        Does anyone really believe that Hillary and some lady vote-getting V.P., or whoever, will immediately stand up and defend our soil with much more than words? Like Obama doesn't do. Or will the ladies even want to? Is it more likely they are plotting how to spend more money on you-take-this-gift-and-give-me-your-vote minority programs? Like the latest vote teaser, free tuition for college. Seriously, what do they know about military strategy, or foreign affairs? Check the lying about Benghazi, the e-mail cover-up, and the many "I don't trust Hillary" polls for the answers to those questions. Mark my words, if you believe the Democratic ticket, if they win in November, can and will show strength and good sense during the ongoing trials and tribulations of the next four years, you will be sadly disappointed and America will not only not be made great again, even its goodness will be brought into question. Real presidency isn't tea parties and jet travel abroad and rose gardens and making political rhetoric with a behind the scenes unfaithful hubby calling some of the shots. Politically correct doesn't work against our enemies. They are serious people.
        Make no mistake. I do not believe that women are weak and should take a backseat to men in matters of professional leadership and that they should act like shrinking violets. Those days are over. I just believe that now is not the time to experiment with unqualified people leading the fight against terrorism and potential engagement with countries developing nuclear weapons, just to show the world that out citizens are not prejudiced against women. A presidential election is no time to make a gender statement. It's not that I don't feel women are qualified. It's that woman. Hillary cannot be trusted. The coming election for President leaves a lot to be desired in the way of choices. Where are you George, Abraham, Franklin, Harry, Ronald? Please, no more Carters, Fords, or Obamas. Please!