Are American Citizens Being Used?
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 by Laramie Boyd
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         Barack and Michelle, hand in hand, smiling and waving to onlookers, climbing down the stairs from Air Force One, apparently without a care in the World as though "All's well on the western front." My, what a presidential, if not family oriented scene. (I don't suppose it's staged, ala General Douglas MacArthur and his wading through the beach to fulfill his "I shall return" promise to the people of the Philippines during World War II?). Is Mrs. Obama there to stand by while the President heads for a very important summit of some kind to consider the state of the nation, or world, like Benghazi, Iraq, Putin and the Ukraine, the North Koreans' nuclear threat, the child immigration overflow at the border, the Veteran's Administration mess, jobs, the stalemate in Congress, you name it? And some of these events that occured the President seemed shocked by. No, I forgot, he's visiting in Palm Springs, California, the golf capitol of the world, for a little R & R, bailing out again in the middle of crises leaving the important matters in Washington that need to be given immediate attention, to whom we don't know. Maybe Joe Biden? Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid? Is there anyone in contact with the vacationing leader of the Free World who can, and will, try to figure out on a 24/7 schedule how to straighten out some or of the messes America is in. Can these matters be put aside until the President's 18 holes of golf are completed after he relaxes at the 19th hole?
         (Oh my! News Flash! The IRS lost an e-mail dealing with targeted conservative tax payers. The Commissioner of the IRS refuses to apologize. He states "Every e-mail has been preserved that we have." Is it really true that everything people have has been preserved?" That man should be a rocket scientist. No wonder the man was given his post. So, add this to the agonizing list of Administration blunders: IRS uses lost files lies to misinform the public. And don't tell me we don't "know" they are lies.) Is it my imagination, or does it seem like this is not the first time the President has been off on leave while dire international events were taking place? For Pete's sake Mr. President, act like the Commander in Chief and stick around the Capitol long enough so that you at least give the impression that you give a damn about the country you swore to serve. Never mind that you are in the last 2 years of your lame administration, so there's no need for you to be out campaigning. Your pathetic legacy, such as it is, has been established. You may not like it, but playing a fiddle while the nation burns won't help it any. You can't run the country by e-mail, or fax, or i-phone or tweeting from a comfortable couch on your jet or while lounging on a cozy sofa in a ritzy hotel in the middle of the Coachella Valley desert. If you want to appear presidential, do the job you were elected and promised to do, and stick to it 'til the job is done. Is the President immune to accountability? Better, should he be?
         Yes, I know, the die-hards say "Bush took vacations, Reagan took vacations, Nixon and Ford took vacations. Why can't President Obama do the same?" Well, look around, things aren't the same now, if you haven't noticed, not by a long shot. And anyway, in this case who cares what prior presidents did, like Kennedy or Johnson, or Clinton, or George Washington for that matter. The thing that is important now is who is doing what to help the country. What's happening at the White House should not be a "Let's move on" attitude, based on assigning blame on past administrations for current tensions.
         Is it okay for Obama to do what Bush and Nixon and Clinton and Kennedy did, just because they did it? The citizens of America are too often being used for political gain, as when promises are made to garner votes, only to be broken like a passing whim. Or when political agendas call for making it necessary to unilaterally violate trusts or maybe even the Constitution. Or simply feigning ignorance of what's going on in the World, and being "surprised" by what should be expectable outcomes of either action or inaction on the part of the White House. Is it mostly true, as one news analyst noticed, that we once put our trust in people and used things, whereas nowadays we trust things and use people? Because the President has his picture taken with a few famous athletes doesn't make him a great leader. His "Selfies" posted on the internet where everyone by his side has a wide grin on their face is no substitute for good governing. We shouldn't be lulled into an "everything is okay" attitude on the basis of a few well planned meetings with those who, for completely unrelated reasons, idolize him. I believe that this President is intentionally, either by lack of understanding, or worse, by a personal agenda, trying to make America over into a welfare state for legal and/or illegal immigrant minorities as potential future voters, rather than supporting the historical belief that hard work and dedication by an individual will result in a better way of life for them.
         If I ever hear another liberal say that America is better off now than when President Obama took office and that he is one of our greatest leaders and presidents, and that the mess were in is all G.W. Bush's fault, I think I'll spit in their eye.