A Protective Force
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 by Frank Shortt
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        A conquered people are always subject, and ripe for exploitation by unscrupulous hordes just waiting for the Protective Force to be lifted. Then, swooping down, like hungry vultures, they pillage the land, destroying any resistance, and taking advantage of the weaker segment of that society.
        Just after the American Civil War, as the Union Armies receded from the South, packs of Carpetbaggers descended on the conquered peoples, showing no mercy on black or white alike. Many of the freed slaves lacked business acumen and had been granted parcels of land to farm, mules to pull their plows, and seed to sow. The Carpetbaggers began a calculated process of parting the freedmen from their holdings. They also did the same to the whites who were fortunate enough to have any land left after the Union armies burned and ravaged the South. A bird in the hand looked better than one in the bush!
        During WW2, Japanese strongholds in Korea were overpowered by American and Allied forces. The South Koreans now found themselves in a position of governing themselves. In 1950, after the American Forces dwindled to a handful, North Korea, who sat as a vulture, invaded the South, pillaging, killing all resistance, raping women, taking over any farms that were left, and especially taking over the arms factories. South Korea was at their mercy until Allied Forces entered once again to repel the invading Communists and became the Protective Force. After a long, hard-fought campaign, the Communists were forced back to the 38th parallel, and held at bay by American troops. MacArthur wished to wipe out the resistance that remained, but was cut short by President Truman. North Korea remains a threat to this very day as the end of the Korean War was never declared! It is alleged that the North now has nuclear capabilities, their Protective Force!
        In Vietnam, (1961-1975) U.S. Soldiers became the Protective Force, once again against Communist aggression! Over 50,000 Americans gave their lives for a cause that was never clear, never won, and, in the end, any land procured was given over to the Communists, after so many casualties. Who is Vietnam’s Protective Force today against a major aggressor?
        The U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump, once said in one of his, so-called tirades, that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were responsible for Isis. If American troops would have stayed longer and remained the Protective Force, would Isis have become such a power in the Middle East? As a result, as soon as American Forces were decimated in Iraq, the penned up ‘misfits and degenerates’ descended and began to take over. Today, Isis is a force to be reckoned with. They have a foothold in many major countries as a result of expansion from Iraq and Syria. America has now become a Protective Force against men who claim to be the Elite of Islam and who are of the same race as the men they are aggressing against. Isis is using American made weapons that they confiscated, to kill anything that resists them. Will Donald Trump make a difference as he promised?
        Afghanistan, another alleged failed effort, is still up in the air as to who will rule there. When the, Taliban and others, decided to take over there, America once again became the Protective Force to repel the onrush. Problem was, it was very difficult to tell who was an enemy and who were the good guys? After 7,222 American deaths, a pullout was called by the American government, leaving the unstable government without a Protective Force of any size. God only knows what is going on there now!
        The question on many minds today is: Who is America’s Protective Force? We have had infiltration by so-called Radical Islamists, destroying huge towers and killing innocent people. We are now confronted by men who are just waiting to see another minority killed by police, do not bother whether the person was aggressing against another citizen, and will result in more looting, killing of innocent people, and burning the evidence. Is anything ever done about these incidents of larcenous behavior? Who is the Protective Force in these incidents? Never mind that the Protective Force, who are our dedicated policemen, are being lured into danger, ambushed, and assassinated by evil and conniving men. It could get to the point that when our officers of the law are called into a questionable situation, the ones who have caused the trouble all along just might not have a Protective Force to protect them.
       Mankind has displayed hatred, bigotry, malice, and come close to physical threats in this election year of 2016. What is the Protective Force that holds in the demons of destruction as these, so-called, civilized people have jostled each other hoping to have earned the votes of their U.S. constituents? All I can say is: “God help us”!